Next! Which Blogger Behind Door Number Four!

Last night, I met my third person from the blogosphere! W00t! Sandra K! We had a great dinner together and well, a couple of things about that.  The latter was actually pretty damn hilarious!

The former? Poor S.K.’s Entree wasn’t exactly up to par.  Rubber Risotto.  Our server came over and asked if everything was alright.  Well, obviously no.  He apologized profusely and offered to get anything else for either of us.  S.K. replied that she was actually quite full from her Appetizer.  Appetizer, indeed! It was like the mussels had muscles! I kept staring at the empty side plate as the shells kept growing and growing.  It was like a darkened version of K2!

After that, the chef came out with more apologies and then a quite decently presented dessert for us to share.  Good service is hard to find.

The latter portion of dinner? *PA still laughing so hard over this one*

I had a couple of sips of red wine left in my glass.  I was holding it by the stem as you do for red wine.  Not that I am some fabulous, wine afficionado but red is served at slightly, higher temperatures so you don’t hold it by the bowl of the glass.  White is fine for that as it is served at colder temperatures.  Anyway, I went to finish my wine as we were getting ready to leave and the glass literally flew out of my hand!

It landed across the room at least six feet away from our table.  Charming.

We were both, WTF???

Another server came running over, and everyone was, “Did you cut yourself???” No, I was fine but S.K. and I were both fighting so hard to stifle ourselves.  I think we were both also kind of confused and well, I know I was wondering if my arm or hand did some kind of bizarre, involuntary movement or if my brain just decided to turn itself completely offline for a bit.

The restaurant staff wrote it off to a crack in the stem.  No doubt? Eek!

We left and I asked, “Did I spaz out? Did you see me spaz out?”

She said, “No, I didn’t see you spaz out.”

I said, “Okay, that’s good.  I didn’t think I spazzed out!”

She responded, “No, no.  You didn’t spaz out!”

I swear to god.  Thank goodness we were tucked away in a bit of a nook and there wasn’t anyone else dining nearby in that direction! Could you imagine?

On the front of all the papers the next day, a huge photo of PA being led out of a lovely dining establishment in handcuffs.  The headlines blazing: “Local Mentalcase Accused of Murder by Wineglass!”


  1. Hi PA! It’s nitpick time! :p

    “…red is served at a lower temperature…”

    “White is fine for that as it is served at colder temperatures.”

    I think lower and colder are the same thing, so is there a difference?


  2. Hi Asdquefty. I may need to make a change there, then? PA tired. I think I was trying to not make it sound like red wine is served “boiling hot” or something. *laughing*

    Also, perhaps I was too focussed on the part about the glass going airborne through the room!


  3. Ari

    Thanks for the laugh. I’m glad you had an enjoyable dinner with excellent service! These days you would be hard pressed to get a nice dessert for a bad dinner. And you’d probably have to pay for the glass! I’d say put that place on your list of favorites. That is if they forget the wine glass acrobatics! :)


  4. lili

    LOL perhaps you can start a new restaurant game called wineglass toss. It can even be used when you want to rate your date. The closer to her head you get(if shes annoying) the more points you get…


  5. Okay, PA, remind me to bring eye protection if I dine with you sometime.

    Maybe 100 points for hitting another diner?
    125 for a kitchen staff member?
    250 for a waiter/waitress?
    1000 for the manager?
    2500 for the owner?
    2147483647 if you’re at a chain and hit the CEO of head office!


  6. lili

    Lol no eye protection needed if the people get along they can just celebrate by ordering (and drinking)more wine or both can play the game-they just toss at other people.


  7. haha hilarious.. maybe you were internally angry with the restaurant for giving you two bad food and wanted to leave them with a gift of broken glass… at least you two took it in stride and didn’t yell at the waiter because that’s never attractive


  8. *laughing* You guys are hilarious.

    Hi Ari. You’re welcome for the laugh and you are right about finding good service these days. Paying for the glass? Well, I don’t know if they’d take it that far! God, I hope not! For the environment, that would take things down several notches!

    I’m pretty sure they’d forget about the “acrobatics,” too. That is unless I strolled in wearing the same outfit? I’m not sure how “memorable” I would appear to them. Although, I don’t think I quite looked like any of the other patrons there. No. Going out actually gave me a chance to wear some things from my wardrobe that I never do these days!

    Hi lili. The first thing from you that actually came to my mind was “Wine Glass Darts.” PA actually having a date? Oh, ’tis to laugh!

    Hi Asdquefty. Thanks again for my silly “Writing/Lack of Editing Skills Gaffe” there. That pissed me off!

    For sure, points for nailing staff. Old joke while driving and people doing all sorts of dumb things on the street where they shouldn’t be, as obviously they have massive chances of getting mowed down!

    You’re last was the best though. I see we have the same penchant for creating completely redonculous numbers to express our sarcasm.

    Hi again, lili. You’re getting more creative, I see. Yes, we are all becoming of collective mind, here. Trying to come up with violent Wine Glass Games! Somehow, I think we may fall short with investors, marketing etc… Ah, hell! We can just do it all ourselves!

    Hi unfitting. I’m glad you enjoyed too. That’s a good thought as well. Internalized anger due to the Rubber Risotto. That one never crossed my mind. It could very well be true as I don’t complain in restaurants. I just never go back!

    Yes, silent complaining until the glass shatters! Well, not so silent after that! *laughing*

    However, exactly as per the end of your comment. As I said, I don’t make a fuss or complain. There really is no point in it as far as I can tell. Unless I am served something that I didn’t order! Then, I obviously say something!


  9. lili

    i’m having a moment thinking of being in the docs office and saying it was that d*mned internalized anger due to the Rubber Risotto. I was counting to a 100 and everything when…lOLOL


  10. Hi lili. Yes, the “Explain That One Scenario.”

    I have a cousin on non-bio dad’s side who is an ER doc but we never talk. She doesn’t even live remotely near me.

    I was always trying to get the crazy stories out of her but she would never say a peep. I would assume that must be the most tiresome thing for an ER doc. People asking incessantly about light bulbs and hamsters. *rolls eyes*


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