A Repaired Relationship and A Happy PA

Quite some time ago, PA lost (or thought she lost) someone very dear to her.  It was pretty messy.  At least as far as wee PA was concerned.  Wee PA does not do well with conflict.  Not that this was a re-enactment of WWI but even still.  It was enough for her to run away into her hidey-hole.

And be sad.

Time passed.  But the thoughts of this person never left her mind.  No, no.  She loved this person so much.  But she didn’t know what to do.  She had no idea how to “fix” it.

Well, recently PA reached out tentatively with her hand, not knowing the outcome and guess what? Her hand was accepted by the person that she thought she had lost.

Sometimes, you just need to give things some time? If something “bad” happens, maybe step back, try again and if that person is still there for you…well, they’re still there for you.

PA is now a happy girl that her hand has been taken back and held again.


  1. lili

    That is so incredibly awesome. Many congratulations.


  2. Hi lili. Thanks. I think it’s pretty awesome, too.


  3. Ari

    yay! it’s so nice to reconnect with those u care about.


  4. Hi Ari, thanks so much. I was and am really happy about it. Again, I shy away from conflict so much (and I fuck up so much) so I thought this was screwed.

    I felt I had to at least try, though. What was the worst that could happen? Just more “screwed-ness?”

    Which would have totally sucked but it didn’t work out that way so you’re right. Yay!


  5. lili

    Taking chances and getting good things from them is always wonderful. It seems a few people are starting a really good cycle :)


  6. Hi lili. I agree with the first part of your comment. However, when I’ve been a bit of risk taker in relationships or “peoplehood,” not so good there?

    I don’t know. Perhaps something may flourish in the beginning but in the end…KABOOM! Or even along the lines somewhere, things just haven’t worked out. I’ve been lucky to remain friends when that happens with some people but I think that may even prove to be difficult.

    For example, ex-partner and I were last speaking of going for dinner way back in December! I have since called not long ago, left a message and nothing since. I don’t know what to say about that!

    Relationships confuse me to no end and have all of my life. I’m quite sure they will continue to do so until I end up in the crematorium!


  7. Lili

    Hey no time like the present to send an email(less stressful than the phone) to tentatively set a date. Relationships are trying. Right this second I am IM’ing someone I love very much and he is driving me absolutely batshit with his stubbornness.


  8. Hi Lili. True, I could try again. I suppose I may have been caught up with my own life, even?

    Sorry you’re having some “issues” with somebody at the moment. Good luck!

    I’m having issues trying to repair a relationship with my brain at the moment. I need some more tea! And yes, I took my Concerta/Methylphenidate!


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