Alright.  That was either a really good post title or a really awful one.  I think I need to work on my post titles.

Regardless, here is a Tangle®!

Eye Candy and More!

Eye Candy and More!

I tried to “pose” it artistically in a “vertical manner.”  However, they don’t necessarily look like that.  I guess the best way to describe the basic ones is more like plastic, interconnected, “snaky” things.

So, for those of you out there that have never heard of them, are you a bit confused? Well, for those of us on the Spectrum, they are awesome stim toys! (Stimming=Self-Soothing Behaviour.)  You turn them around, and twist them and loop them…  I’ve wanted one for years and now I have two! W00t!

That one above (if you can’t tell) is more transparent and has what looks like small bubbles and little sparkles in it.  The other has solid coloured pieces and looks like some terrifying thing that would bite you and kill you instantly in the Amazon! *laughing* They are both “Tangle® Jr’s.”  Meaning, they measure seven inches in length (as a loop) and consist of 18 interconnected, one inch, pieces.

Now, it is not that NTs can’t “stim” as well.  Of course they can! Anyone can! Diagnosis or not! It’s just that we folks on the Spectrum tend to raise the bar in that area.  So, even if you aren’t on the Spectrum, I can virtually guarantee you will enjoy these wonderful things and not be able to “keep your hands off them!” Sorry, that was a real groaner.

I’m not writing very well here.  I think I need my Tangle®!

Seriously, though, they have been used in Therapeutic and Educational, even Medical areas.

They also have larger ones and some stuff that is way up there in price (mine cost me $2.50 each.)  There is a “Museum” type of piece that is rather large and will run you about $76.00.  Yes, Tangle® Art! However, you can still bend it and twist it as well!

Oh, and the prices on the website are all in $USD.  I managed to find mine in a store and paid in Canadian Dollars.  There are still a couple I am lusting after but they are totally inexpensive just like mine were.   So, if you factor in the cost of shipping and taxes, it makes absolutely no sense! But I can’t find them here! Even in the shop where I did find mine, they only had a few!

The ones I want? There is an “Alien One” (I’ve always had an “Alien Thing”) and another “Flashy One” that shows flashing lights when you twist it all around.  Oooohhh…sparkly lights…  Erm…hello, Asperger’s? PA and her shiny objects. *rolls eyes*

Here’s the link for the place and if anyone ends up buying anything, let me know what it was! Oh, please do! If you did buy the “Alien One” or the “Flashy One”…oh, you lucky person, you! PA will just sit and imagine you playing with those ones as she plays with hers…


  1. Ari

    I’ve tried these things before and I just don’t think I have the attentions span. I swear I need to be screened for adult AD(H)D. I took an online screening test and it said I’m 84% (or something like that) likely to have ADD. So these things keep me busy for like 2 minutes before I move onto something new. But I do like the sparklies…


  2. Ari

    I just checked out the site. They have a glow in the dark one!

    Sorry, had to share the moment.


  3. Hi Ari. You know, that’s kind of funny because they are supposed to help with AD(H)D! They’re supposed to calm you down a bit and help you focus–or at least get you to slow down a bit?

    Oh, you are a funny cat. You make me laugh.

    Perhaps you do have AD(H)D? Maybe you need some stims (and not the type I meant above!) to help you out. No, the meds. Then, if on meds, you’ll be chilled out enough to use a Tangle!

    There are different types, too. I’m ADD Inattentive Type (the “Space Case” type) so I’m lacking the “H,” basically. Or most of it. However, I’ve got my lovely Bipolar to fill in for any lost “H!” Thank you, Bipolar!

    You know Dr. PA isn’t a M.D. but if it’s getting in the way of life, maybe something to discuss with your own doc.


  4. Hey again Ari. W00t! I may have forgotten about that one. Add that to the list of all I want as well?

    Maybe I can get the store where I only found those few to do a “Special Order” for me.

    I wonder if that would work… Hmmm…


  5. YAY Tangle! :D

    Here’s mine:

    It’s a customized version my stepdad got when he started working for the city, I snatched it when he wasn’t looking, and he hasn’t missed it. (Shhhh, lol)

    Wee PA, why can we not see your other tangle?


  6. Hi Asdquefty. Yes, YAY indeed! Yes, as well, that you can get them all done up for promotional things for your companies and that.

    That’s funny that your pop didn’t miss it but sometimes you accumulate so much of that stuff while working, you really don’t care anymore. I still have stuff from my last job and I was and still am particularly attached to certain items. I have this cloth frisbee that is weighted around the edges and it totally flies!

    That pic was actually taken at J.’s with his camera and then we dumped it onto my thumb drive when I was there using it. I had to do other work and was playing with it and then thought, ‘Oh, let me take a picture of it!’ I could shoot my other one with my own camera?

    I wonder if it’s on the site? *PA runs to Tangle site*

    Nope. Well, I’m sure they’ve made so many of them in different colours and variations so who knows? But to describe, its colours are yellow, black, orange and green. The green is probably the hardest to describe as it’s…okay.

    The colour of guacamole! *laughing* Yes, that’s pretty good. Or maybe just a titch brighter than guacamole but not much. The yellow and orange are both bright and the black is…well, black.

    Does that give you a good visual?


  7. Ari

    Yes, thank you Dr. PA. I’ve thought about asking my doctor about it.


  8. Hi Ari. *grins* Always happy to be of service.


  9. lili

    Now I KNOW the SU would love one but the thought of him playing with it endlessly would make me snatch it out of his hands and,with my add, attempt to figure out every single ingredient of which it is comprised(reminds me of a gummy worm and you can guess how i’d handle that lol). Hmmm…how to work this out? I’d love to say buy two but I’d probably take both


  10. Hi lili. HA! Buy two and take both. They’re not comprised of too many ingredients. You just play, play, play…


  11. “You just play, play, play…”

    Reminds me of lines in the Slap Chop informercial.

    “If I can do it with one finger, you guys can do it with your whole hand” (oh naughty :p)

    “Hit it like this” (also naughty, really out of context)


  12. Lili

    Hahahahahaha bend it any way it fits…


  13. I had one for awhile and then it broke. I keep meaning to get another one.


  14. Hi Asdquefty. Yes, late night Infomercials!

    I can beat your “naughty” in it though: “You guys are gonna love my nuts!” *laughing*

    However, yours are good too!

    Hi Lili. Yep, join in on the fun and as a fellow AD(H)D’er, is that guy in some serious need of Stims or what??? Holy shit!

    Hi exactscience. Good to see you, hon’. It broke! Bah! And they were touting it as all this and that. Well, if you can testify that it was so good and you want to get another one, do it.

    I think that’s good enough for us all, here. We’ve got a true testimonial. No, seriously. You often wonder if this stuff is crap. But if it worked for you (but did break and you liked it) then, yes, get another. Maybe you just got a lemon.

    Or you chopped a lemon and it didn’t like that for some reason… Just kidding.


  15. I have bought another.
    I can testify to its brilliance.
    Except with regard to it being run over by an errant desk chair – that broke the last one


  16. Hey, exactscience. Good to see you. Well done, brother! An errant desk chair? Oops? So, what was that then?

    “Meals on Wheels?”

    Sorry. That was really bad, wasn’t it?


  17. Stim, stim, stim wee aspie
    Gently down the stairs
    Tangle, Tangle, Tangle, Tangle
    Life is but a dream


  18. Hi Asdquefty. *laughing*. I love it! That is an awesome comment! Thank you! We can have a Sing-A-Long on my Blog!


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