Oh, A Blogging Funny

Totally impulsive post here.  Maybe I’ll write something more exciting later, but I just signed on and checked my Spam Queue.

Some blog picked me up and it was called: “Snore Mouthpiece!”

Well, if that doesn’t describe me I don’t know what does!

“…blah, blah, blah…” *PA looks at other person with head down*

“…blah, blah, blah…” *PA looks at person with head on table*

“…blah, blah, blah…” *PA looks at person now on floor*

“…blah, blah, blah…”


  1. Then you drop a Tangle on them and they run with glee into their new amazing life! Wheee Tangle!

    Totally impulsive comment!


  2. Hi Asdquefty. Funny. Impulsive comments allowed as much as impulsive posts!

    The only thing that may confuse them is: How the hell and what the hell? I just woke up and there’s a weird, plastic, snaky thing that has Tangle written on it sitting here. Where did that come from?

    Oh, maybe it was that bizarre girl I was sitting across…


  3. There’s no thought with Tangle, they would wake up and see the AWESOME and forever be joyful. They wouldn’t be confused.


  4. Ari

    I think it’d be quite funny if they were confused. It would be nice to turn off the lights for them. Then you can leave the glow in the dark tangle!


  5. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz….


  6. Ah, Asdquefty and Ari! Oh, what a “Tangled” web we…

    Ack. Never mind! My writing is still going down the toilet.

    However, I see we have obviously carried the Tangle discussion over here!

    Well, Asdquefty. They could see the “AWESOMENESS” and be forever joyful but don’t you think they could still be confused? Perhaps you are thinking that the overall “AWESOMENESS” would wipe away any apparent confusion. Alright, that’s a good point.

    The Power of the Tangle!

    Ari does have a good point about the confusion as well, though. For approximately 10 seconds, they heard me speak. Then they became virtually unconscious because I bored them to tears.

    Then, they woke up with only a shred of memory. An odd, little, creature known as “Wee PA?” Plus, a Tangle sitting before them. A bit of a curiosity?

    Also, Ari’s idea of turning out the lights and leaving a glow in the dark Tangle is a really good one too. Do you agree?

    The person might think it was all a dream or maybe they were conducting a seance with wee PA! The Tangle was a “message” from a long, lost relative!


  7. Hi Arkay, good to see you. Are you bored with this post and the comments it has garnered? I’m sorry.


  8. Oh, I feel peer pressure now, zzZZz…

    (now give me a Tangle..)


  9. Oh, Asdquefty!

    No need for any competition on PAs Playground! That stuff doesn’t fly around here!

    As a matter of fact, I think you and Arkay might get along quite well. Maybe? Oh, hell! I don’t fucking know!

    What I’m getting at is, sense of humour and MAJOR wordplay! That is certainly how Arkay and I got “acquainted.”

    Be forewarned, however. We play “dirty.” And yes, exactly what you are thinking! Pants down, perverted dirty!

    Well…not all the time…


  10. lili

    Lol let the perversion begin(lili gets popcorn and sits down)


  11. Hi lili. Okay, a front row seat has been reserved!

    Actually, things haven’t gotten too pervy around here in a while. Things have kind of been on a downer or I’ve been blogging about other crapola.

    I think I need my partner in crime Arkay.

    Alternatively, I guess I could just start posting a lot of dirty, sexy stuff on my own. However, it was never my intention for this to be a pr0n blog! Good grief.

    There was some post way back when a commenter was teasing me about putting up some erotica since I do write. It was hysterical.

    I was, “First of all, who says I even write erotica???”

    More to the point: PA, write some and post it! I was like…I don’t think so…

    Thus, IF I write erotica, it will NOT be posted on this blog! *laughing*


  12. lili

    Well feel free to start another blog for the erotica…(Lili patiently waits…)


  13. I must be darn tired, I first read “perversion” as “perseveration”.


    Not close to the same. Oh my, now had thought someone might perseverate their perversion on here. That would be worthy of popcorn.

    Oh, and I would totally be in for an erotica blog too, wee PA.

    (if comment makes no sense, I blame xanax and post-nap grogginess)


  14. It is so funny this, it seems to me that what is needed here is a shut up mouthpiece, that you can place it at while at the person that is annoying you with his speak. Woudn t it be fantastic to have, specially for relatives?
    Send you a kiss PA


  15. Ari

    Reading your blog always makes my day. And reading the comments/conversations always give me a little laugh that I always need.

    That being said, I am quite innocent *cough* and cannot allow such innocent eyes *yeahright* fall onto anything closely resembling perversion *bullshit!*. However it would certainly be your right to begin an erotica blog. Lili pass the popcorn!


  16. Lili

    Here ya go…need a cushion or anything?


  17. Oh, fuck me. Any takers?

    I guess that may be a good way to start? *still laughing so hard*

    However, not all of you know what I look like and I am extremely shallow and looks matter to me. Not to mention other things like you must be highly, intellectually stimulating and all sorts of other things blah, blah, blah. Also, I am gay and thus, only sleep with women so sorry Asdquefty, you’re out of the running.

    So, I guess the two main themes that have been brought up by lili, Asdquefty and Ari are pr0n *ahem*…I mean erotica and popcorn.

    Well, popcorn is all good but try not to get sticky fingers all over your keyboard or well…they may be sticky from something else!

    As far as me creating an “Erotica Blog?” Well, I suppose it is not without the realm of possibility. However it would be GODDAMN, BLOODY, WELL, ANONYMOUS!!! I think my writing is bad enough as it is. Do you think I would would want it actually associated with PA???

    I am batshit crazy but please!

    So, perhaps something that I may consider but you won’t know it’s me. HA! Well, you can track all sorts of things on that, thar’ intarweb but even still…

    Ah, Asdquefty. The Perversion/Perseveration made total sense to me. I was out today and saw a place that said: “The Greek Place.” I misread it as “The Geek Place!” *laughing* I was like, well, this sure is the place for me to hang out!

    That happens to me sometimes. I’ll misread stuff, do a second take and then, yes, start killing myself at the error I made.

    We could move on to “Perversion Palilalia.” Just a single word?

    Oh, Ari! You read me every day? How sweet! God, I never know who reads me and when and WTF! Although, I have been told that I am on some people’s Feeds and what not.

    Thank you!

    And Lili! Offering a cushion to Ari? Well, I’d love to hear Ari’s answer to that one? Or perhaps she waiting to see what I write? What gives, there Ari?

    And my mariana. Save the best for last? *wink* Your idea is funny too! I can only say, leave it up to you my brainy one to “invent” something like that! You’re my smart girl!

    Great for relatives? Absolutely! However, this post started out with me talking and boring people to death. Would you shove it into my mouth? Or continuing on with my perverted self, would you shove something else into my mouth?

    A kiss back to you too, my dear.


  18. Ari

    Well if I’m going to sit on the floor a cushion would be nice. I’ve been told I have a bony butt, and that means I have no protection from hard floors! ;) And I would never risk getting greasy popcorn fingers all over my keyboard. that’s what napkins are for.

    and you would be so cruel as to not let your faithful readers know if you created a erotica blog? That totally defeats the purpose! *shakes head impatiently*


  19. Lili

    Ari-Hey I meant a cushion for your chair. We relax all the way over here :) Greasy popcorn fingers(Lili says nothing…) PA we’re patiently (ha) sitting and waiting.


  20. Lili

    How about it be a collective blog-everyone submits-anonymously-and you put your own spin on it. It can start with a word, theme, sentence, or whatever and you can go from there. You can also secretly ask for input whenever…


  21. Hi Ari and Lili. I was being my naughty self about the pillow. You both have seen “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” right? If you have, you must remember Janet’s song!

    “…it only leads to trouble…and seat wetting…”

    *laughing so hard*

    I’m sorry. I really thought that is where you guys were headed!

    I have a bony butt too, Ari. My spine is pretty crazy also and my hips/pelvis and shoulder blades/clavicles? I’m not so sure as I have at least gotten up to 100lbs. from 90lbs. Still, maybe a bit “bony” all the way around? I don’t look emaciated, though!

    And me not telling you guys about my “erotica blog!” AHHH!!! THE PRESSURE!!!

    As far as the “collective” idea amongst bloggers, Lili, I did do that once with some. It’s under my Literary Category.

    OMFG! Did it get seriously warped and twisted. I don’t think we even started with any “plot” or particular “storyline.” We may have but if so, it was very loose.

    We then went on from blogger to blogger. Some of us knew each other from our blogs so we would toss in personal information. If you didn’t know someone, you could either go to their blog (generally, so you wouldn’t insult them) or maybe just make some silly stuff up. Or both?

    The whole thing ended up being a crazy, out of your mind, ridiculous, sci-fi, soap opera, basically!


  22. lili

    Lol I did forget about Rocky. Crazy, out of your mind,ridiculous,sci-fi, soap opera? sounds good to me :)


  23. Hi lili. Yep. I have a copy on DVD.

    Go check out what we did if you want. However, some people took it in their own direction (how that works sometimes– then you lose continuity.) I think that is one reason why a lot of it got so whacked.


  24. lili

    Hey it happens.At least it was a unique experience.


  25. Hi lili. Yeah, it’s like “The Telephone Game” when you go through ears whispering and it comes out all mangled! Well, okay…maybe not that bad!


  26. i am SO sorry i missed all this (mostly for the comments i would have interjected – PA knows i can’t resist a good word play), guess i was “asleep” the time ;) (lol!)

    frikkin’ hilarious everyone, thank-you for putting a big smile on my face on a day (today) that it wasn’t very likely to…



  27. Hi Arkay, my love. Shit! I was waiting for you to come back for all of this and I did get your …zzzzz’s…etc… joke. Indeed. Me putting everyone to sleep as intended post was written.

    However, this post and comment section and both–whatever–I miss these ones!

    When everything deviates, goes off the rails and people go gangbusters! Whether the post has anything to do with the comments or anything, it just gets so hilarious!

    And the pervy element is always good too as you and I both know… *PA raises eyebrows*

    No, seriously. I love it when this happens. It hasn’t in a very, very long time. So, definitely good to see you back, honey.



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