Picking Myself Up Off the Floor

*laughing and nearly falling over* I’ve just had a quick run through of my latest comments and I don’t even know if I can answer them.

. . . _ _ _ . . .

I actually do have a serious post to write for today!

. . . _ _ _ . . .

Alright.  Cigarette, water, let’s try and regain some composure here and return to my blog.


  1. Ari

    I’m glad we got you laughing. Just don’t choke on the popcorn!


  2. lili

    Too right. I have to have you well so I can throw up my hand to the SU and say: “CAN’T YOU SEE I’M READING? THIS IS IMPORTANT.”


  3. Hi wee PA, your serious post is MIA.

    (Initiate fully literal interpretation of post.)

    How do you run through your comments? Print them and lay them on the floor of your apartment? It’s pretty hard to read something after you trample it. :P

    (End literal)

    Your …—… sent me on a radio comms tangent yesterday, I read the wikipedia articles for SOS, CQD, mayday, pan-pan, securite, 121.5MHz guard band, pan-pan medico, morse code, police 10-codes, and CHP radio codes.

    Random facts:
    Marine VHF radio hailing is done on channel 16.
    CHP uses “5150” as the radio code for mental patient.
    The first syllable of a radio transmission is often lost.


  4. lili

    Hey I have a t-shirt that says 5150. I need to wear it more often.


  5. lili

    Oh yeah and to completely mess things up oh PA…did you submit your 25 things? Feel free to explain to the masses


  6. Hi Ari. Thanks, hon’. Speaking of choking and keyboards, I did once choke and ended up spewing water all over my keyboard and my screen. Thankfully, it wasn’t much and no damage as opposed to when some guy in a bar “gracefully” spilled his entire beer all over baby MacBook v.1!!!

    You weren’t around for that! Needless to say, this is now baby MacBook v.2

    Hi Asdquefty. I know, my serious post has gotten lost in the shuffle. It’s just that there has been so much going on between erotica, popcorn and me laughing myself to death.

    My comments? *more of PA laughing* Well, if I were to run through my comments on the floor, those would be the least of my concern! Me running around in here would be more likely a serious concern of bodily injury! I have enough bruises to prove that walking is bad enough!

    Interesting about the communication codes and that. I did know 5150, though!

    Hi lili. First off, I am confused. “SU?” I think I know what or “who?” you are referring to but I don’t get the “U” part. If I am right on the “who,” most people write “SO.” So, “U…” I guess I could come up with a few words? *laughing*

    lili, I know this may sound obnoxious or like some kind of growing “Christmas List,” but along with the truffles, Tangles, Scrubs (…Scrubs Slut…Scrubs Slut…) could I get a 5150 T-shirt, too? Granted, the truffles are only an online thing. Chocolate in the mail wouldn’t fly (haha, sorry bad pun.)

    Still, I think me running around here with a 5150(‘d) T-shirt would be hysterical! No one would know what the hell it meant and I could get all spastic and wear this along with it:


    There’s a lot of other writing re: me bitching about stuff but the most important thing is the the photo of the “accessory” that I think would work very well with a 5150 shirt! *laughing*

    Oh, my “25 Things!” This might be better put on the other post with all of the “dirty talk” but whatever. We ended up transferring all of the “Tangle talk” over to another post.

    Me submitting something to that blog? Oh, no! Well, I suppose I could, indeed under some (rather heavy) veil of anonymity but I have no clue who the hell is running that thing so erm…not excatly…hmmm… Well, I have created another gmail address and I’ve pretty much never used it at all.

    25 Things…

    OMG. Anyone and everyone is now saying what the hell are you guys talking about??? I’m certainly not going to devote a post to it but heading back to the dirty, smutty, perverse land where we all were before…you want sex? Here you go:


    Oh, I see “it” (no information about who runs the blog and there is no Blogroll) will be on “vacation” for a bit. However, still lots of reading material as it’s been up since February of this year.

    Blogger has a “Content Warning” about it but you don’t have to “do” anything other than “Agree to Terms of Service.” Click!

    Perfect for the ultimate voyeur. *grin*


  7. lili

    oh absolutely you can have a 5150 shirt (PA size even) with your Christmas bundle. SU means spousal unit. Hey don’t joke about Godiva I may surprise you :) I’m in LOVE with this place:


    not only can you buy your favorite bipolar, 5150, aspie, and anything else you can think of..you can also have one made to order


  8. Oh, lili. You are so sweet and so good to me!

    I can wear a small (of course) but a medium would be better just for laziness and comfort’s sake. Also, more mobility for the damn, “Tag Sensory Issues!” So, medium. *PA nods* Oh, and no “girly-girl” styles! Blech! Just a regular T-shirt.

    Yes, I am more toward the “Femme” side of the things but regular T-shirts suit me just fine–especially for one like this!

    I do know CafePress. A lot of people get stuff from there and you’re right–made to order as well!

    So, do I have to wait for Christmas? I can. Impulsivity is one of my worst enemies for sure but I will hold off until then. Just let me know when you want my address! *wink*


  9. lili

    Lol you said christmas list miss? Birthday present maybe? Wait…I’m so confused…


  10. Hi lili. Apologies for the confusion. My birthday has already passed so Christmas will come sooner.



  11. lili

    oh yeah spring kid. Maybe I’ll send a PA just because package randomly.


  12. Hi lili. Spring Kid? Me, bouncy? *grin* Well, sometimes?

    Send a “PA?”

    Send me?


  13. lili

    it’s called a “PA just because” package :) So I see the spring kid suits you


  14. Hi lili. I got caught up in the whole “Literal Aspie Thing” and was trying to figure out the acronym you were using.

    Or what I thought you were using.

    Either way, you are far too generous.

    *PA hangs head*


  15. Lili

    Never hang your head PA we’ll miss seeing that pretty face :)


  16. Aw Lili. You are two kind.


  17. Lili

    And we both want to see you happy :)


  18. Again, aw Lili and Ari too, I guess. You guys are so sweet.

    The too part is because that was a typo! Blech.

    I would fix it but it’s explained here. I hate making typos and silly grammatical mistakes. The bane of any writer’s existence.

    I am now even more prone to them as my brain is not working right.


  19. Lili

    Hey at least your brain is still in your head. Mine tries to leave regularly. We’re thinking of couples counseling.


  20. Oh, Lili! Well, as far as my brain goes, my favourite joke is about going for MRIs for seizures. The techs speak to my docs and say there’s a problem with my brain and the scans…my head…this girl…her brain…her head…

    …there’s nothing there!

    So, maybe my brain isn’t in my head. Just like yours?

    Let’s ponder that for a moment.

    But if you only have a “partial leaving” and are at least considering “couple’s counselling” (haha!) that’s a good thing.

    I fear my brain is lost in my ADD Hell flat and I’ll never find it again–even it was willing to go to counselling with me!


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