Archive for August 11th, 2009

Now I just have to think of what to stream.

I was sitting outside, having tea and listening to my (still unrepaired) iPod.  This one came up on Shuffle so I thought, ‘What the hell.’

And if I may bitch somewhat about my (soon to be repaired) iPod? I went to see Merlin #2 yesterday and thought I’d kill myself with two stones.  Kill myself, indeed! Merlin #2 is, shall we say, way uptown and “iPod Place” is way downtown.  Well, it was a nice and sunny day so I thought I would walk quite a few blocks and enjoy the aforementioned sunshine.  It has been pouring down buckets for a week now!

However, when I left in the morning it was rather cool.  OMG! It was like we suddenly got hit with some, massive heatwave! Even wee, ice cube PA had to take off her jacket! So, I walk blocks and blocks and blocks, only to find that they’re one of these places that pull a “Sunday/Monday Weekend” deal!

ARGH!!! I wanted to pull my hair out! Not to mention, it is a little further down from all of these other computer shops (there are loads of them) so you might think they would want to be competitive? *PA shakes head* Anyway, so much for my rant.  I’ll just have to go back later.

Alright.  Here is your song.  “Strangelove Addiction” by Supreme Beings of Leisure.  This one is more rockin’ but as their name suggests, they do more mellow stuff.  Yes.