The Arch Alien of Asperger’s© had the opportunity, not long ago, to engage in some more creativity.  Her “supplies” were generously donated from her friend J.  J. rides a Scooter and as he was “Scooting” along, his GPS decided to use its own mind, sprout wings and go soaring off into the wind, like a lovely spring bird!

Yes, the GPS just flew off his Scooter as he was happily, zipping away.  He did manage to turn around and pick it up, but of course, it was no longer of use.

Recalling the great fun of this past creative endeavor, The Arch Alien of Asperger’s© decided to now make this, which is of much more use than what she made the first time in the link above.  Well, that may be debatable as you read further.

Is There Anyone Out There?

Is There Anyone Out There?

This is her Alien Communication Device.  She keeps trying but she may have gotten some things wrong with her engineering.  She doesn’t think so as she believes she was completely spot on with every step.

It may just be that no one is answering.

Or no one wants to talk.  Period.

Spock and The Arch Alien of Asperger’s© had a brief discussion and he told her that it was quite good by human standards.  Of course, he has much better access to technology on Vulcan and obviously they are more advanced.  Nonetheless, he feels she did a great job and also, upon inspecting her engineering, he also agrees that everything seems in order–despite the definitely archaic, human architecture.

I suppose she shall just keep trying.  Eventually, someone may communicate back to her?


  1. Ari

    Please do let me know if someone answers back.


  2. Sometimes I think life is closer and stranger to and from fiction. It seems I’m always paranoid reading fiction, too? “Are they talking about me?” Maybe egotistical. Either way, you have either a creative mind, or an interesting day ‘job.’

    Nice to be your neck of the words for a change.

    Might I add. The silence of breaking glass has always calmed me. Strange. Something is.

    Thanks P.A. for ‘saving the day.’ Had to say!


  3. I like!


  4. Hi Ari. If anyone does, you’ll be the first to know. Well, not true. I guess I’ll be the first to know. Therefore, you will be the second to know. *rolls eyes*

    Hi Mea Madison. Well, life is strange and rather unbelievable at times. And by that, I mean really cranking up the “strangeness” factor. That’s why I created the Categories as such on my blog.

    I have one of my earliest posts in “Life is Stranger Than Fiction” where I saw a woman putting lipstick on her head! Oh, let me find it! Okay, it “looked” like lipstick! However, a real mystery!

    I was just in awe. Like, WTF??? Although, it really is quite something to see what some people on this planet actually do.

    Thanks also about the compliment of having a “creative mind.” I’m not so sure of that one but maybe I’ll get an interesting idea every once in a blue moon.

    Hi katm! Oh, I knew you’d be here for this one. Just like the last! Thanks, as well. And by the way, I think I have some “spare parts” on the way for something else in the making. So, we may have a third installment coming up.

    Apologies for the nasty linkbaiting everyone but I just felt I had to let you know! *smirk*


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