gmail! WTF?

Just a quick note for now and maybe more later.  Is gmail having a total, error, spaz out or have they implemented some “New, Great and Fantastic” Loser In-Your-Face?

I was working on an email that hadn’t autosaved yet.  I was looking at some sites for information before continuing.  When I went back to continue, it said my “time had expired” and I needed to log in again! As a result, it ate what I had been writing before the autosave function kicked in!!!

What the bloody hell??? Has anyone else that has gmail experienced this? A glitch or is it now a new thing? God, I sure hope not!


  1. lili

    I rarely use that freaking account. Gmail just irritates me.


  2. Hi lili. Actually, it seems to have been just a glitch, I guess. No other problems throughout the day.

    Actually, I love gmail. The most solid email client with the best features, I’ve found. Just my opinion, though.


  3. lili

    I’m glad it works for you. Though I consciously know that all email services scan my content it still creeps me out. I was reading the privacy thing on gmail and it says:

    Google keeps multiple backup copies of users’ emails so that we can recover messages and restore accounts in case of errors or system failure, for some limited periods of time. Even if a message has been deleted or an account is no longer active, messages may remain on our backup systems for some limited period of time. This is standard practice in the email industry, which Gmail and other major webmail services follow in order to provide a reliable service for users. We will make reasonable efforts to remove deleted information from our systems as quickly as is practical.

    I wonder could you have gotten it back or did it have to be autosaved first? Ignore me my mind is both tired and weird.

    this is what i was talking about in cases you’re like did she pull that out of her rear or what


  4. Hi lili. I know about gmail and actually, some of what they do re: Marketing Practices. I mean, some people put up ads for them on their blogs and websites! More tracking of you!

    Someone who has knowledge told me about the storage and stuff. I suspect that other providers do it as well but gmail is different. Not to mention, I believe they instituted that whole policy business not long ago and it caused quite a ruckus in the online world. Not sure, though. I think so, though.

    But what are you going to do? I need my email account and this is just the one that offers me the best services that I need!

    However, gmail is spooky in what they do. Although, you can’t be all paranoid about it. Even the person that told me about this uses a gmail account! They have a hotmail one too but…

    Google basically rules the universe but it’s not going to stop me from doing what I want to do! So many people use it and it’s not like my usage involves anything illegal. *rolls eyes*


  5. Lili

    Lol very true. Everyone has different tastes.


  6. Yep, lili. “Tis true.


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