Well, the MP3 isn’t “outside,” I am.  This is the first day all year that I have taken baby MacBook outside.  The reason for that is, it seems the “Squiddles” must have decided to make a truce with me.  I haven’t seen any white flags but I haven’t seen any acorns either.  Or at least not many?

I’m not going to mention what that is all about but if you want to hear the dangerous perils I had to face last summer, do a search on my blog for: squiddle. *laughing* I don’t think you will be disappointed.  There’s even a pic of something that really made me hurt!!!

I’m just going to toss something up and make a rather simple post as I have decided that I must try and do some work today! Also, I have some errands that I should run (dammit!) and I will be having a long overdue, social visit with Grocery Man this evening.  Gee, almost sounds like a busy day for PA! Actually, it is.

This song has always had some “ouchies” for PA and I’ve been meaning to stream it for a while now.  No doubt, lots of you probably know it but what the hey.  I can stream something that may be more “obscure” later.  Also, I apologize for the “click” in it.  I couldn’t get one without.

“Leave It Alone” by Moist


  1. Lili

    Thanks for more music? Get out there and do big things!


  2. Hi Lili. Hey, I do love my MP3 of the Moment. I’ve had it ever since I started this blog on Blogger! However, when I migrated over to WP, I ran into some issues with my free hosting service. It wasn’t anything to do with WP, though.

    So a lovely fellow blogger offered to let me ftp my songs up to his server and now it’s all good. We have had a few bumps along the way but we’ve gotten them fixed fairly easily.

    So my MP3s actually get sent a fair distance away from me, then get loaded up, then I input everything into the widget including my comments and voila!

    It’s actually pretty cool.


  3. Lili

    Most excellent I have a friend that lets me upload whole albums so I go kinda nuts woo hoo!


  4. Hi Lili. Yes, if it wasn’t for my dear “Server Boy,” I don’t know what I’d do. Well, beg someone via my blog who has a server that I could then use?

    Or, failing that, go back to shitty, free hosting. That sucks ass too because apart from mine being so unstable, you can be limited in size. Then you have to pay for upgraded service. Forget that!

    I have some MP3s that are long but I still want to stream them!


  5. Lili

    Of course you do the music addiction is strong :)


  6. Absolutely, Lili. Use the Force! Okay, that was lame but PA tired today.


  7. Lili

    PA can can be tired if she likes-it’s the do anything PA wants card.I was very,very tired being mildly triggered by the movie the soloist. But thank God for alcohol :)


  8. Hey, thanks again Lili! You’re totally putting me in “Monopoly Heaven.”

    I was working uber-hard on my personal “file” for my new Neuro. I’m seeing him at the end of the month.

    EDIT: Fuck! I keep reaching for my external mouse that isn’t there! It’s like driving an Automatic when you’re used to a Standard!

    Anyway, my documented seizures only go up to March of this year on the hard copy I have and it’s August now! Man, I have to go through my blog from then until present and type all of them up. *slaps forehead in agony*

    At least I have my replacement printer now!


  9. Lili

    LOL I have two computers set up-right next to each other. One is the SU’s the other is mine. I grab the wrong keyboard then can’t understand why I can’t type lol.


  10. *laughing so hard* That is priceless, Lili.


  11. Lili

    I swear sometimes…lol


  12. You swear sometimes, Lili? I thought you swore all the time.


  13. Lili

    LOL Busted!


  14. That was just me having a bit of literal, Aspie, interpretation fun, Lili…and some wordplay as well.

    With some Aspie folks, they can go hand in hand.


  15. Lili

    Lol but of course :)


  16. Exactly Lili.


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