Spock Has Just Created a New Category for Herself: Spock

Although, more importantly, why is she still awake? Why is she not sleeping? The meds have beep popped long ago and she is all “whoo!” but…?

Perhaps she is struggling with her “ADD Buzzy Brain.”  That’s always a good bet.  It happens so often.  So many things on her mind that even when the great drowsiness hits, ear plugs in, lights off…  It’s like that drowsiness wasn’t so “great.”

Spock is going to have something to eat, she supposes.  Fuzz out and watch some television? Maybe that will bore her into a snooze-fest if anything is on? Or a DVD? If that doesn’t work, Valium/Diazepam to try and assist!

God, this post is stupid.  I’m totally brain fried and have been all day.  I’m feeling stoned out of my mind on Seroquel/Quetiapine (no, I am “whoo!” but I just can’t sleep!)

Okay, let’s hope I can be more useful tomorrow.  Ah, it already is tomorrow.  More useful today, then.


  1. Lili

    Hey we all have those nights… Here’s to a better day


  2. Hey Lili. Thanks. Yes, better days after awful nights.


  3. Lili

    Thank goodness sweetie


  4. You got it Lili.


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