Actually, you could probably say that a lot of the time. *rolls eyes*  No, I’m out working remotely and I managed to capture a floaty wifi (albeit slooowww) with a rather large butterfly net.  I mean, screw my gmail account.  Keep the tabs at a minimum and just go for PA!

I wanted to try and finish my “Grand Master Seizure Document” for my new Neuro.  Good lord.  Since things got really wacky and I got all whacked out myself with my first Complex Partial in September of 2008, I have 31 Entries including that one. Plus, lots of other stuff about how things have probably or possibly come about due to certain parts of the brain and some other personal information.  Oh, yes.  Also the very basics like childhood crap, me just as “me,” my meds…

It’s still a draft but holy shit.  In need of editing for sure but as it stands, it’s five pages long. *laughing* I wonder what he’ll think of it? And speaking of thinking of “it” or “things” or “me…”

I wrote up a letter I am going to mail to him tomorrow, I think.  I have tried to express as politely as I can how I wish to have the same type of “collaborative” relationship with him, as I do with every other member of my medical team.  No, really! I also prefaced it (politely?) that me being blunt (and honest) may be in part due to my Asperger’s dx.*grin*

Even still, I don’t think this guy will be another Arsey Neuro like my last one! If you don’t know, Merlin #2 and I “fired” him after he told Merlin #2 he hadn’t seen me in two years after I had signed a release for Merlin #2 to have access to my files.  WTF, eh? Two years? That’s so ridiculous! Like I haven’t seen my Neurologist in TWO YEARS!!! I couldn’t stand Ex-Arsey Neuro since the first day I met him but…Specialists are hard to find!

So, based upon that, I don’t think Merlin #2 would send me to another Arsey Neuro! I even alluded to that in my letter to new Neuro!

Okay, it looks like I have some new “Commentarios” here.  I can’t see via gmail, as I said but I can see via my blog.  And now it’s going to be a slow wifi and dying battery contest so…? I’ll get to everyone…  Had I known I would get a connection…I would have brought my power bar…


  1. lili

    What? When you know we have to have constant access to you? (Who is going to prevent me from acting out lol?) It’s awesome you’re getting your project worked on. I think you’ll get all the cooperation you need.


  2. Hi lili. Constant access to me??? *laughing* Honey, you may be the only person in the entire free world that reads me every day!!! Hey, screw the “free world.” How about planet earth?

    Well, Ari said she had to have her daily dose of PA too, so that was so very complimentary. *grin*

    As far as preventing you from acting out? I don’t know if I have that much “power” there either! I’ll do my best though!

    Yes, ’tis good about the file but ’tis bad I have to make a new entry. That happened last night. And yes…I hope new Neuro will be just as great as everyone else on my team.

    Oh, and here’s another thing about “constant access” that I just thought of. I’m going away to an Observatory next weekend. PA definitely not home! I was there before, sometime last year (post somewhere here) but we had no sky (i.e. nothing but cloud cover) so no chance to take any shots.

    You see, the whole point was to do some Astral Photography. So, the whole whack of us just hung out–the place is gorgeous! Like a big beautiful cottage!

    However, I got totally Aspie freaked out because they were almost like a bunch of Aspies (within context here) going on and on and on… about Astronomy and getting way too excited. No, they were all talking over each other and to me, it sounded like they were all screaming at one point!

    PA have meltdown? I had to run away and hide! And that, I did!

    So next weekend, I will be “away” but considering the entire place is “Geek Central,” they have wifi all over the damn place (gee…upload the photos you just took…geek out with anything and everything else???) Thus, I will be “available.”

    In fact, I will be completely available if there is “no sky” again! I’ll be hiding away from all the astronomy guys (again.)

    And guys, indeed! Too funny as I was the only gal there last time. One of the organizers was this older German man. He was all concerned about where I should bed down for the night as everyone else was a man! J. told him that he and I were together…but not “together” so we could share a space to sleep.

    SCORE! Basement with two couches, heater, big screen TV where we watched a DVD and the perfect place for me to run away and hide! J. and I have “reserved” that spot to use for this weekend. We’ve nicknamed it: “The Batcave.”

    OMG. You basically just got a post written within your comment. I’ve done that before though.

    I blame being post-ictal. And no tea (but that doesn’t really mean a hill of beans a lot of the time when you’re post-ictal!)


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