I’m going away this weekend.  This is causing a lot of distress for The Empress of ADD©.  She needs to pack.  A.Lot.Of.Stuff.  The Empress of ADD© can barely pack her own lunch.

I am going to an observatory.  I went there last year but we had “no sky.”  That would mean, somewhat obviously, massive cloud cover.  It even rained.  The entire purpose of travelling there is/was not simply to look at pretty things in the sky but to do some Astral Photography.  Hence, me packing a whole whack of stuff! I was really disappointed last time as we couldn’t take any shots but so far (fingers crossed!) the weather forecasts are holding up.

So, what the hell do I need to bring? Let’s see if I can even remember this mentally as I have written some things down somewhere and J. is helping me.  We’re going up together with a friend of his and they both have memberships.  I have to pay a small fee as a non-member.  Anyway…

  • Two Tripods
  • Two Cameras (Film and Digital SLRs and manuals for both to muck around with settings)
  • Batteries for both, plus film and cable release for Film SLR
  • USB cable for Digital SLR to transfer photos to baby MacBook
  • Duh…baby MacBook(!) plus all peripherals for baby MacBook as there is wifi (of course being Geek Central!)
  • iPod (now repaired! W00t!) and charger
  • All of my meds!!!
  • DVDs in case there is “no sky”
  • Clothes and personal items (joked with J. that mental cases can sleep in same clothes for days so…optional) *laughing*
  • A Tangle® (as I am now taking one with me everywhere I go!)
  • My brain

I think that’s it? If anyone else out there can think of something I may have missed, please let me know.

I’m not even sure what kind of pictures I’ll be able to get.  Probably nothing that amazing as I don’t have telescope mounts like all of the really hardcore folks (plus the telescopes that they own.)  Naturally, they have ones at the observatory but even still, no mounts.  That’s why I need my tripods.

And hardcore? Wow! When I was last there I had to run away and hide! It was like a complete, Geek-O-Rama, Aspie Fest that went positively out of control! That’s totally fine by me but my gig isn’t Astronomy.  Though, as above, at a certain point I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  I bolted so fast from the room of shouting and screaming about: “This nebula and that rotation and over here, look at…!”

The place is gorgeous, though.  It’s like this huge, amazing cottage out in the country.  It has a deck with chairs where you can just sink into them and watch the landscape disappear forever.  And speaking of “forever,” the biggest pain in the ass of lugging all of this stuff with me is that I have to travel to J.’s by public transit.  It takes me about two hours.  His friend is picking us up there because the direction we are taking is not via my end of the city. *PA sighs*

I’ll be exhausted if “we do have sky” because everyone will be all freaky-deaky into the night, who knows when I’ll get to bed, my sleep meds should knock me but I’ll be sleeping on a couch in a different environment.  We have to leave fairly early due to our “chauffeur.”  Not to mention all of the people…  Severe potential for wreckage when I get home.  I think it will be worth it if I get some cool pics, though. *grin*


  1. Ari

    observatories are fun

    I don’t think the brain is absolutely necessary. I’ve survived years without it. Although I may not be a prime example of functionality with no brain… Though I still stand by my origional assertion.

    I do hope it’s not too freakish for you and that you are able to sleep

    Here’s to hoping for clear skies


  2. Lili

    I agree with Ari. Toting around ones brain is highly overrated. I leave mine at home all the time. Do remember to wear clothes and shoes however -you want to be comfortable during the evening activities. Have a most excellent trip.


  3. Hi Ari and Lili. You two are both so funny. Leaving brains lying around all over. Well, I suppose I lose mine a lot, so it is probably left behind or forgotten or whatever under many circumstances, as well.

    I agree Ari. I signed up for an Astronomy class in uni. but they had to cancel it, as there weren’t enough (geeky) students that enrolled. That sucked.

    Yes, Lili. I definitely will be wearing clothes! PA is not going to be naked there! PA is not the exhibitionist type, really! Oh, no.

    Plus, I will probably end up being the only woman there–just like the last time.

    *PA shudders at not being an exhibitionist AND NAKED IN FRONT OF A BUNCH OF MEN!!!*

    Good lord. I might be somehow persuaded with lots and lots and lots of alcohol and the group consisting entirely of women!

    Maybe? *laughing*

    OMG. Naked PA!

    *PA still laughing and shaking head*


  4. lili

    Lol yep naked and under the stars let’s hope for lots of females. In college astronomy was one of my favorite subjects as well.


  5. Hi lili. Well, I’d be happy to be naked and under the stars with a partner but again, not a bunch of freakin’, strange men that I don’t know (excluding J. and his friend–I know them.)

    But they’re not seeing me naked either!!!

    No, all men last time and if any women…well, I doubt I’ll be getting naked with them!

    J. has “booked” our sleeping area. Cozy basement with big screen TV, gas fireplace/stove. We stayed there last time and call it: “The Batcave.”

    So…if there is any PA/naked women business…well…’geez! Not in front of J. either!

    *PA shakes head*

    None of this is going to happen anyway!!! Again, I’ll be surprised if there even is another woman who shows up!!!

    PA naked at observatory…yeah, there’s something to “observe.” And you don’t need a telescope, either! *laughing*


  6. lili

    anything with the word batcave in it is awesome for me.


  7. Hi lili. Yes, J. made that one up. He gets the credit.


  8. bring along the brain, but only if you remember all your prescriptions. My husband always jokes that to leave town he only need 3 things (granted rules are different for middle of nowhere) major credit card, passport, and meds. He always forgets all kinds of stuff and comes home with tee shirts and socks from the Calcutta version of kmart…. that stuff doesn’t matter, but some of it is really ugly and I have to take it from him when he isn’t looking. Sounds like a great trip… hope it is clear!


  9. Hi Margo. Good to see you! Oh, The Empress of ADD is rather in a stir. Woke up earlier than she normally would have. Still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes and moving extremely slowly…

    I did some “preliminary organization,” with my already limited, spatial abilities last night. Then will come “load balancing,” today when I leave. I know I have enough room for everything. That I pretty much determined last night. I even came up with a good idea for packing up the two tripods.

    You know those canvas camping chairs that come wrapped up in a nylon bag for carrying? There’s a strap attached that you just sling over your shoulder? Guess what fits quite fine in the bag? If you put them in opposing directions.

    Quite a surprising idea for spatially, challenged PA.

    Then, I must do the quadruple check to see if I remember everything that I’ve forgotten. *laughing*

    No, I’m not kidding! This is serious! Not just for The Empress of ADD but for The Arch Alien of Asperger’s as well! Neither of us deal well with things coming along with no notice and tend to definitely need lists, do major planning beforehand. OMG! I can get so lost everywhere I go; it is positively redonculous!

    That is funny about your husband. Indeed, ending up having to buy “Emergency Supplies.” Well, I figure my only problem will be getting cold at night (the place is north of the city.) If we “get sky,” I might freeze. I’m always cold anyway. Someone would probably have an extra layer to give me. Although, I’m going to layer with long underwear! W00t!

    Thanks for you hopes, as well! Me too! Again, quel drag last year but I’ve already selected my DVDs! Plus, I’ll have baby MacBook to play with.


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