Archive for August 21st, 2009

It’s called a geakeasy.™ Yes, it’s sort of like the rhyming “speakeasy” but there are no illegalities.  Alright, there may be various “substances” shared and passed around (a bit of alcohol?)  But no! It’s just being spastic!!!

Yes! It’s like an infection! Like those days of prohibition but it’s not prohibited!

In fact, J. and I are engaging in it right now.


He’s working on his puzzles and I am typing away here and it’s all good…

It’s a total geekeasy.™

I’ll stream a new MP3 while we’re at it here, too.  Since I am going to the observatory: “Red Star Over Qubah” by Electronic Eye.  If memory serves, this is the guy that led Cabaret Voltaire and he did this stuff after they broke up.

But my question.  Is there any sort of definitive or “quantitative” answer? I fear I became a little cuckoo in the iTunes Playlist department and went…well, a little cuckoo! I lost all of the ones I had when baby MacBook’s hard drive died so I had to re-create some that I knew from my own bean.  Fine.  I had some from CDs I mailed to my sister.  Oh, dear.  No memories of those! She emailed me a couple, so fine.

Okay, what else can I make! I’ve never had a lot–just a few so I really should make some more, I thought.  Did I do something “wrong” or “backwards,” here? I created several to suit moods, specific “categories” and all of that.  Seems logical, correct? Then, the Playlists just kept growing and growing.  Oh, this works! That would fit there!

I guess if I don’t like the song at the moment, I can just skip on by? *PA shrugs* Also, bear in mind I have just over 3,000 songs.  I thought my eyes were on fire after I completed everything.  I feel like I want to arrange things in a “suitable order,” too.  You know, a “good mix.”*laughing*  Takes me back to creating “Mix Tapes” for all of your friends.

Ugh.  More eye burning, though? Because you see, I have not yet sync’ed my iPod to iTunes! I want everything to be in such lovely order when I do! I’m kind of like that.  And yet a paradox: Aspie Order and AD(H)D Disorder.