How Many Songs Go In a “Playlist?”

I’ll stream a new MP3 while we’re at it here, too.  Since I am going to the observatory: “Red Star Over Qubah” by Electronic Eye.  If memory serves, this is the guy that led Cabaret Voltaire and he did this stuff after they broke up.

But my question.  Is there any sort of definitive or “quantitative” answer? I fear I became a little cuckoo in the iTunes Playlist department and went…well, a little cuckoo! I lost all of the ones I had when baby MacBook’s hard drive died so I had to re-create some that I knew from my own bean.  Fine.  I had some from CDs I mailed to my sister.  Oh, dear.  No memories of those! She emailed me a couple, so fine.

Okay, what else can I make! I’ve never had a lot–just a few so I really should make some more, I thought.  Did I do something “wrong” or “backwards,” here? I created several to suit moods, specific “categories” and all of that.  Seems logical, correct? Then, the Playlists just kept growing and growing.  Oh, this works! That would fit there!

I guess if I don’t like the song at the moment, I can just skip on by? *PA shrugs* Also, bear in mind I have just over 3,000 songs.  I thought my eyes were on fire after I completed everything.  I feel like I want to arrange things in a “suitable order,” too.  You know, a “good mix.”*laughing*  Takes me back to creating “Mix Tapes” for all of your friends.

Ugh.  More eye burning, though? Because you see, I have not yet sync’ed my iPod to iTunes! I want everything to be in such lovely order when I do! I’m kind of like that.  And yet a paradox: Aspie Order and AD(H)D Disorder.


  1. I’m commenting first on my own post/s again. I just thought of another(!) Playlist I can make that I totally forgot about!

    I’m suck a dork.

    And yes UK readers, I know what that word means! *laughing*


  2. lili

    ahhh welcome to my world lol. This reminds me of when the SU put his foot down back in 2004 when i had a bit over 5,000 cds (i wasnt burning or downloading anything then..yet) and he demanded I find a place for them lol. Ah bper mania spending.


  3. Hi lili. Really good to see you now! I’m running around like my hair is on fire (well, not exactly possible as I just got out of the shower…) but still, I am trying to get ready and I’m going INSANE!!! *laughing*

    My iPod is still charging, I’m semi-packed…trying to check things…and re-checking. At least once I do get everything in order, I can pack well (i.e. roll up your clothing to make more room…) And yes, before you get into that again, I am NOT going to be NAKED!!! *laughing more*

    Yes, CDs were one of my Bipolar spending spree items, too. Books as well and I had a couple of friends who liked Casinos.

    Uh, oh… PA in trouble. All of those shiny lights and any sort of impulsive and/or compulsive behaviour? Not so good.

    It wasn’t like I lost thousands and thousands of dollars or anything.

    I once read about one guy somewhere whose biggest Bipolar “spending spree” was a bloody $300,000 yacht! Can you believe that???

    I was thinking, though, if you had that kind of money and you wanted the damn boat, just buy it! Did you have to be Bipolar? Where would you get that kind of money? To even get a loan like that, you would need some serious assets, anyway!

    It made me laugh, no matter! A fucking $300,000 boat!


  4. lili

    You know my issue with books lol. That I cannot control. I’ve at least resorted to better handling the CD’s (at least thats what I tell myself.)

    Lol and the funny thing is, yep, I can imagine a 300 large boat. Thank God I will never have that much money to blow. I LOVE casinos. I am the queen of video poker. I played at the casinos the night before I got married lol. Won 250 bucks and did the happy dance. Well at least your hair will have a very unique style when you get there-maybe you’ll set a trend?


  5. Hi lili. Yep, I know the book issue and I still have a hard time there too–which sucks because my ADD is just slowly getting better to allow me to read some of them.

    And some that I do have? They are way the hell out there! I mean…WTF??? Uber-smartness books. My now ADDled brain may need some time for maintenance before I tackle those ones again.

    That’s great about winning some cash. Usually, it’s the bait and hook sort of deal. People start winning and don’t know when to stop. Then, they lose it all. Then…if they want to keep trying to win it all back…trouble! You’re depleting your bank account even more.

    *laughing about hair* Yes, if it does blow up, I’ll end up looking like a beautiful nebula and people will want to take pictures of me!

    I might be signing off soon as I think I’m almost ready and need to pack all the geek stuff in particular order. However, I’ll be back when either at J.’s or the observatory or both.

    Oh, shit! I gotta do something else. Well, can wait until J.’s, I guess? OMG. I’m exhausted and I haven’t even left the house yet! *rolls eyes* Well, I can relax when I get to J.’s., I guess.


  6. lili

    Oh I’d have lost all my gambling money if i didn’t know i HAD to get enough sleep to look human for the next day. Lol I got madness(the book to be clear) and have read it a few times. Awesome. See you can be the PANebula2009. Sensational! Have so much fun. Clear skies to you…


  7. Hi lili. Sleeping and looking human the next day. Hmmm… I think I’ve been in and out of that phase several times. These days, I’m definitely in the “I don’t have to look human the next day phase.”

    PANeubla2009! Too much.

    Thanks for the wishes for clear skies. I’m here at J.’s and he’s about to die from Tryptophan Overdose. He made turkey and he’s one of those folks where it makes him sleepy–he’s on meds and shit, too.

    I tried pill form Tryp. years ago and nothing. Turkey form? It took me YEARS to figure out why wee, little PA always had a sore tummy after Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners.

    Turkey (natural) Tryptophan makes her tummy sore! I can only hope I didn’t eat too much tonight! I try and keep an eye on what I ingest, when served.

    In any case, I brought extra tummy meds?


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