Could this trip to the observatory be any more “fun?” As soon as we arrived and lugged all of our gear inside, I popped a Valium/Diazepam as soon as I could! So, let’s add all of this to my meltdown last night and only a few hours sleep! On the drive up, it was already raining and I just sat wearing my iPod, stimming on the rain as it cascaded and spread along all of the windows (not to mention being hypnotized by the windshield wipers.)

Just like last year, then.  “No Sky.”  Therefore, no pictures? We kept repeating to ourselves last year over and over, “Maybe it will clear up? Maybe we’ll be lucky?” Yeah, right.  Actually, everyone is that geeky they’re checking the forecasts constantly even now! I guess it really is the same as last year!

Although they have set up wifi that wasn’t here before, so here I sit typing this to you all.

The seizure? Well, I need to document it anyway.  It happened while I was in the car.  It was relatively brief and not so bad.  Rapid eye blinking and minor eye rolling.  I had some intermittent vision loss (here we go with that pattern still…)  Also, complete loss of postural tone with my head and neck–PAs head then went floppy.  My consciousness was preserved enough to at least time the event.  It lasted app. two minutes.

EDIT: Hang on…J.’s taken a pic for my blog and all of you (and now I’m ticked because he’s not supposed to see my blog!)

Okay, now we’re being silly.  He emailed the pic to my personal address and then opened gmail chat from about 10 feet away! I nailed him back and wrote: “how aspies communicate irl” He laughed so hard.

And this is funny too.  It did actually make me laugh.  It’s the Weather Board (as you all can read) at the front door.

Whoa! Munchkins even? I guess that would be tiny, wee PA!

Whoa! Munchkins even? I guess that would be tiny, wee PA!


  1. Ari

    Man, you sure do get strange weather where you are. Cows and munchkins? I’ve never even seen it rain cats and dogs.


  2. Hi Ari. *laughing* Well, this is “Geek Central” where I am and we uber-geeks do have our twisted senses of humour?



  3. lili

    I’m so sorry you had a seizure. The rain is suckage. Lol flying debris and cows? Okay munchkin hold tight to whatever is present or just say the heck with it pack it up drop another valium and chill on the couch listening to tunes.


  4. Hi lili *laughing* So far, “Munchkin PA” hasn’t blown away in a Tornado so all is good. Or still, just disappointing but I did take some…sort of…okay pics?

    I’m going to serve them up now.


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