“No Sky,” Yet Still Sky Exists?

Indeed, it has still been cloudy and raining all night at the observatory.  However, I did manage to take two shots that I would like to show you.

After one downpour, we actually had a full arch rainbow! However, don’t get too excited.  Those are so hard to photograph–at least with PAs Digital SLR! Absolutely! Or even many or any a camera! Their spread can be so massive! Not to mention, they don’t last that long.

So here is the best one, of the last, final, disappearing portion of the rainbow.

So what do you think?

So what do you think?

I tried to capture it in the best way possible with the contrast of the dark sky to bring out the colours of the spectrum even more.  Then, something more interesting happened.  Clouds started to drift around the landscape so I played a bit with that as quickly as I could so here, you will see some clouds above the trees.

I am not a fan of photographing “landscapes” and what not however…

…I won’t be too harsh a judge in certain circumstances?

I don’t like to toot my own horn.  In fact, I don’t even think I have a horn to toot, except for some, cheap thing someone gave me at a New Year’s Eve Party years ago that was only made of cardboard.

But still.  I took this shot just fucking around because there was nothing else to do.  I was surprised, though.  And again…not much into “horn tooting” but I kind of like this.  The sun was setting at a certain point in time, therefore the colours and the clouds, refractions, reflections…? All different, so many variables.  J. even said I should use it as wallpaper for my computer! ACK!

What can I say?

What can I say?

Neither of these photos have been “touched.”  I’ve just uploaded them and plopped them onto my blog.  But this one? As the rollover I made…Ominous Sky? That’s it.  Sunset and cloud patterns and light.  Due to distance and settings, I did need some assistance via my flash but none of these pictures have been digitally altered in any way.

So…”some sky?” At least.


  1. Lili

    awesome pics sometimes there is no need for a perfect or normal sky for it to be beautiful…


  2. Hi Lili. Thanks for the…erm…compliment, I guess? I don’t consider myself some great, wonderful photographer but I do like it. Digital has made things so different now. Immediate results and not to mention post-shooting alterations with software etc…

    I will never stop shooting with film, though. Never. J.’s got a bag of ILFORD B&W rolls that he’s giving me. No clue how old they are but they have been kept cold so should be alright? Just blow off a roll and see? ILFORD is the absolute best for B&W film though. Other supplies too?

    Yes, skies can be interesting. Especially in situations like this where we were out of the city so you can see “more.” No large buildings in the way, cars, people etc…


  3. lili

    Lol you’re getting there with the compliments…


  4. Hi lili. Thanks. You’re my “Compliment Trainer?” Like at a gym or something? *shakes head*


  5. Ari

    Aw, so pretty. You might not think you’re that great of a photographer, but your a hell of a lot better than me!


  6. Hi Ari. Thanks. I do have some (a lot!) that people were yelling at me to put up last year! Oh, Bad PA! I went to a Wild Animal Sanctuary and the vast majority of them were domesticated so they were “hands on.”

    The place is run by a woman who grew up with learning disorders, was treated like crap by her teachers, then became part of the education system herself. After that, she built her “dream.” This amazing place.

    The dream part? It is used for therapy re: kids and folks on the Spectrum, with special needs etc…

    The reason I never got around to it was that so many of the shots needed to be altered as I am in them! I didn’t have anything like PhotoShop so I needed someone else to help me with that.

    Again, it just never got done!

    However, I’m determined to muck around and put at least something up now. I went back this year as well. I do have some free software I downloaded for Mac (Gimp) but I am useless and I find it is too!

    So, I’ll see what I can do. I think I am going to set them up as Pages with links so they will be more “Permanent,” as well.


  7. awesome photo, i never know how to take photo like this.


  8. Hi neoth. Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog. Thank you also for the compliments regarding my photos. I’m not sure if I am worthy of them, though!

    Just keep practising and playing around. That’s all I’ve ever done in my life. I’ve never taken any courses but you can do that, too.

    I’ve always found that you do have to take a lot of shots to get just one that is really good!

    Take care,


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