Home now.  Well, J.’s home.  The title?

Last year when we went up to the observatory he made some comment about the loony or crazy drive/car.  I can’t remember but it had to do with all three of us covering a significant number of diagnoses that make us nuts.  However, his friend B. who drove us there isn’t diagnosed with anything.  At least not to my knowledge–or J.’s either, I believe.  J. had told me prior that everyone “suspects” some OCD/Tourette’s business.  Well, I certainly have to agree.  He’s got some major tic’ing going on, that’s for sure! Pretty anxious too.  Some odd behavioural things as well?

Then there’s J. who is dx’d with Depression and can’t sleep so he’s on meds.

Then there’s me with all of my crap.  If you don’t know me or if you are a new reader, you can have a look at my About Page.  Or if you are feeling lazy: ADD Inattentive Type, Asperger’s, Bipolar II (although, I am an Ultradian Cycler–therefore I feel it should be Bipolar NOS) Epilepsy and Migraines.  I’m still on the fence about the Post-Traumatic Stress.  I was given that dx. from a doctor in the ER when some fucktard gave me a concussion (also dx’d in the ER) and there was a lawsuit pending.  The investigation and pending lawsuit? Dropped.  “Me vs. Them” situation, basically.

I think I’ll leave the PTS off the map.  I’ve obviously got enough going on as it is.  Although, I could have it anyway and it has just never been dx’d at all!

Oh, I also have GERD but that’s a tummy issue.

I am utterly and completely dusted.  Screw Pink Floyd.  I am Uncomfortably Numb!

I’m going to bake out here for a while.  A long while.  I may even stay overnight but The Horror! I don’t know if I can stand another couch! But I’m soooo exhausted! Whine…whine…whine…  I’m sorry, I just can’t help it! Serious whine time.


  1. Lili

    I’m sorry sweetie just rest,rest, rest…


  2. Lili

    Ha three nutcases on four wheels do I get a title?


  3. Hi Lili. Yes. Rest, indeed! I just got home (to my home!) a little while ago. I left the heavier stuff at J.’s (two tripods, two cameras, the bag of ILFORD he’s giving me.) I just didn’t have the strength to carry it all back.

    So, just the necessities and smaller, lighter items. It’s not like I’m going to go running out on some photography spree tomorrow or anything.

    I’ve just popped my meds. Hopefully, they’ll kick in soon. OMG, I even napped for a bit this afternoon at J.’s! I have to be supremely exhausted to be able to “achieve” daytime naps.

    A title for you? Hmmm…I’ll have to think a bit on that one. Definitely tomorrow, too. *laughing*

    I’m surprised I even found my way to my own address! However, I think just knowing I’d be in my own bed tonight got a few neurons firing, at least.


  4. lili

    sleep well sweetie


  5. Hi lili. Thanks, hon’. Yep, going to power down now and hopefully float away.


  6. Ari

    I hope you’ve gotten the much needed rest.

    Three nuts on four wheels huh? I feel like I’ve been in that situation before. Not that I know what having multiple dx is like! ;D And GERD? GERD is a pain in the butt, no pun intended.


  7. Hi Ari. Yes, some decent rest and yet some odd dreams! Oh, well. I’ll take the sleep regardless. However, my neck and shoulders are still killing me from couch surfing.

    I feel like I’m about 80 years old today. I got a nice surprise in the mail as well. Now, I feel like I want to call the nearest Funeral Home and start making arrangements.

    Yes, GERD can be lovely–at either end. I do so love waking up in the middle of the night, choking on my own stomach’s HCl. It gets even more fun when it reaches my sinuses and I feel like I’m drowning in the fierce acidity.

    That’s when it is at it’s very worst in the middle of sleepies, though.


  8. Ari

    Yes, I too have a stomach that tries to escape through the mouth (ew!!! I know, sorry.) It’s really bad when you start having daily sore throats and earaches because your stomach won’t stay where it belongs.


  9. Hi Ari. Ah, not to worry about any “ew factors” on this blog. I can get pretty “ew’y.” Hey, I talk about medicine and it can be pretty “ew’y.” I also just wrote about drowning in my own stomach acid. That’s rather a charming thing for people to imagine.

    Daily sore throats and earaches? Whoa, pretty insane! However, I do have to take my tummy meds every day or I’d be writhing around in pain all over the floor.


  10. lili

    I am sorry PA that you’re not feeling well. I feel like crap but for a totally different physical ailment that I’d hoped would go away FOREVER but am always surprised that I have to keep dealing with it.

    Yep pain or misery in the middle of the very little sleep is making for a very angry lili….

    Hugs to you


  11. Hi lili. I’m sorry you are not feeling well, either. I think I know your problem. Bizarre… Still, not fun. “Phantom Body Part?”

    Not to mention, your lack of sleep. Try to just rest if you can.

    I’m going to have some tea now as I had a late night and have just gotten up a while ago. I now need to wait for my ears to (hopefully) start to grow pointy, my brain start to become sharp as a razor’s edge to then tackle bureaucracy.

    Then, tackle my life. *rolls eyes*

    However, PA may not be able to morph into Spock today. She’s not feeling so well. I don’t know. Maybe she just needs her tea.

    If only my legs would work that way, I would continually be giving myself a good arse kicking. Daily? Hourly?

    Hugs back,


  12. lili

    Yep the phantom body part has made me bleed through(and ruin)four pairs of undies in two days. The cramps have me in a not so good space and my mind is thinking..what if this never goes away what if they never figure this out…etc Hence bad lili is in a bad mood.

    Lol send me a picture of when your ears grow pointy. Tea is an excellent idea. No arse kickings while feeling unwell please.

    Thank you lets both feel better soon.


  13. Hi lili. Yep. I was right. Like I said, too…so bizarre! What I’ve found the best for stains is the combo of Oxyclean and Spray and Wash or however you spell it? Just the ‘n’ or whatever?

    And by the way, are bad moods contagious over the Internet? I’m not feeling so shit hot right now, myself.

    Indeed, a pic of PA in “Spock Mode.” Well, Halloween is coming up (okay, hardly but have you seen the stores?) They always do that! Stock up for the holidays months in advance!

    No, both PA and Spock are half human and half Vulcan so it is difficult for both of us.

    I am not heading out today. I need to kill myself with two stones again and after tea, I don’t have enough time. So, I’ll handle everything tomorrow. Maybe three things to do. However, I need to do everything in a proper order. The third is make an appt. with Merlin #2 obviously.


  14. lili

    I’ll try oxyclean i usually used hydrogen peroxide. Lol yep i’m gonna want to see those pics. Hey handling things tomorrow works.


  15. Hi lili. Yes. Realistically, 24 hours isn’t going to make a difference. And since the Myocardial Infarction just hit, I may need to take this 24 hours off to get things in order. Hey, at least I’ve got all of my paperwork ready. *shrugs*


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