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I received a lovely Myocardial Infarction in the mail today.  Fucking (NOW EVIL!) stoopid guvmunt…

The money that I WAS receiving because I was laid off is…“poof!” Ironically, I was thinking of trying to find out a way of when it would, in fact, go “poof” but it seems that doesn’t really matter now, does it?

What, to me, would have made some sense? *PA shakes head due to thinking of stoopid guvmunt*

I needed to file these “reports” online every so often.  Everyone has this option or via telephone etc…  Now, every time I have done (HAD TO DO!!!) this, it gives me a date when to file the next one.  Gee, the next one was this coming Saturday.  My schedule is to file every other Saturday.  The money then gets plopped into my account the following Tuesday.

So, yes.  I have a two week “waiting period” or “WHAT THE FUCK EVER!!!’

Now, if my money was going to be cut off, could they not have told me online that I didn’t need to fill out my report this coming Saturday? Oh, no! They had to surprise me(!) with a wonderful, fucking piece of paper as opposed to me doing everything online all the while!!!

There is another option that Grocery Man told me I can attempt to pursue, despite him working before in another branch of the stoopid guvmunt.  I was looking at applying for it “online” today but I am not taking any chances.  I am going to march right down to the nearest office and speak to someone in person–I mean, they already have all my personal information, anyway.  This is just another form of “assistance.”  And it involves Merlin #2.  I think you get it.

It won’t last as long as what I was receiving from being laid off (hardly!) and probably won’t be as much in dollars but it’s another avenue.


Not to mention, my rent is due September 01? *PA stares insanely at computer screen and continues to crunch numbers in head*

Despite the fact she has Dyscalculia.  So does it really matter? Cheese and Rice! Most times she can’t even calculate a proper tip for a restaurant bill!

ASIDE: Ah, yes.  Let’s not forget about the stoopid guvmunt program for my meds! I have just started a new yearly quarter which means a new dollar amount of my deductible.  I need to reach that by paying out of pocket until all of my meds become covered by the plan! *PAs teeth start grinding* Actually, no joke there.  The stress has brought my TMJ back.

Fuck this shit.  I need to get “Employment Ready,” brain explosion or not.  I thought the money would carry through until at least September? Or a bit of October? Bloody, hell! My last payment was the middle August!

Yes, time to turn some things off and shut some things down.

Enter Spock Stage Right…

EDIT: Before Spock takes the stage, PA may stream a song.  Therefore, this Post may be updated and edited again.

EDIT: MP3 served up! This was pretty much the first one that came to mind anyway.  “The Criminal” by Sons Of Freedom.”