I think this says it all?

Better Than Alcohol?

Better Than Alcohol?

A gift from J.  I guess he knows me better than I thought…


  1. lili

    EEEEEEEE (Lili screams in delight) Happy Bunny is EXCELLENT. Yes I own a cute but psycho T-shirt and am not ashamed to admit it.


  2. Ari

    AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I love it!!

    I love happy bunny and that can is perfect. Is it a real energy drink? I would drink it just because happy bunny says to and it says it will bother everyone!



  3. Hi lili and Ari. I’m glad you liked.

    Actually, I have no freakin’ clue who “Happy Bunny” is so maybe you can tell me.

    Maybe “Happy Bunny” a U.S. thing?

    I don’t know if it’s an energy drink or not but I’m not drinking it at all. No. It is a “PA Museum Piece.”

    Never to be touched. Displayed perfectly on a shelf.


  4. lili

    Oh but you MUST experience happy bunny. go to cafe press and check out the t-shirts etc…


  5. lili

    shoot cafepress is doing it again mixing everything all together go here instead



  6. lili

    Here too but if you’re add like me it might freak you out and you might have to look at a page a day



  7. As much as I think energy drinks are a rippoff and coffee does the job better for cheaper, that is an awesome can.


  8. Hey lili, thanks for the links.

    NiroZ!!! Hi, hon’! How are you? So good to see you. I don’t drink energy drinks at all and again, I have no clue what is in the tin. You are coffee; I am tea!

    However, you are right. The can is awesome, isn’t it?


  9. Yeah, tea is good too when you run out of milk. :D
    I’m fairly good, although the excitement of finally getting a dx that explains everything (or the withdrawal from the invega, take your pick) makes me want to stay up at night. Which I do, hence the strange, potentially awkward emails. Perhaps as an aspie you have a concept of people going TMI!!!! TMI for the love of god!, which happens more than I’d like to admit.

    Aaaaanyway, I think you’ll love this http://www.youtube.com/user/watchtheguild


  10. Ari

    Happy Bunny is amazing. Please do check out the links lili provided. I have a happy bunny magnet that says “let’s keep notes of who pisses us off” Love it!


  11. Oh perfect!


  12. lili

    Oh my gosh Ari and PA

    HAPPY BUNNY SCRUBS!!!!!!!!!!



  13. Hi NiroZ First, thanks for the TouYube! Hilarious! Was that in reference to my own, lovely Faye Valentine? Good god, man! If I could date Faye…? *sighs* I would be in heaven! Why do you think I even chose her as my avatar? *laughing*

    Well, I’m happy if you’re happy with a dx. Sometimes that can definitely bring some relief as to just what the fuck is going on!

    And a very good–even excellent–observation about being an Aspie. TMI. I can’t speak for us all but as far as I am concerned, nothing is TMI!!! Bring it on! PA can handle anything! In fact, she might have even heard it already, anyway. So keep those emails coming!

    Okay Ari, will do!

    Hi Sheri. Welcome to my blog as I don’t think I’ve met you before. I’m glad you enjoyed and feel free to come back any time. I’m going to Bookmark you so I can hopefully come back soon to you and have a read.

    Oh no, lili! Even though PA is “…Scrubs Slut…Scrubs Slut…” I always make fun of the nurses and such that wear those patterned ones.

    It’s like, you’re in hospital because you are sick. Looking at something as screwy as that is going to make your head hurt more or your upset tummy even worse!

    I’ll take the light green as originally discussed as that colour I am still missing and they are a hospital mainstay. A “must have,” for sure!


  14. Lili

    Lol so specific with the scrub stealing criteria. Light green it is my dear.


  15. I know, Lili. I’m just so picky!


  16. Lili

    Lolololol you’re PA damnit you’re allowed to be picky


  17. *PA does happy dance* Lili says I can be picky! W00t!


  18. Lili



  19. *grins at Lili*


  20. Ari

    i can’t believe you don’t have light green yet. I always thought that was what most hopsitals had, besides the blue.


  21. Hi Ari. Well, my light blue ones were a gift from another blogger. The dark green ones I stole *laughing* so I had to be FAST! I did look for light green ones but couldn’t find any!

    I don’t know. Maybe they were washing all the light green ones at that point of the day!

    So, I only have light blue and dark green. *grin*


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    […] looking a bit oxygen deprived! This is not good! Happy Bunny made an appearance on my blog here, but he was white, though. Maybe it was the drink? The juice? Maybe I’m overreacting a bit, and Happy Bunny has […]


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