How Does This Rate On the Aspie Scale?

I seized roughly a couple of hours ago.  I was outside.  I had my iPod and my jacket on.  Ever since that, I haven’t taken either of them off and I am still istening to my music.  I also wrote my damn, seizure post for my “records.”  I’m also feeling pretty icky so post-“ick”tal© tomorrow?

But that’s not so much the point.  Despite all the “bad stuff,” I’ve still been toodling around, I’ve had something to eat, I’ve taken my meds.  Yes, more or less, taking care of business as usual as far as I can tell.  Although, I am fully dressed as if I had to go out and run errands, go to an appt.  All of that.  I haven’t “stripped,” if you will.

My iPod is a definite necessity when I go out, but now that I’m home and just “toodling,” it’s “toodling” right along with me!

I’ve slept with my iPod but never walked around with it fully dressed.  Maybe it’s not so “odd,” at all? Actually, nothing in this world is “odd.”  Crap, nothing should really be surprising, anymore?

Perhaps I should just strike this post.

NOTE: “Current Toodle Song” is ‘Bellona’ by Junior Boys.

NOTE: “Current Toodle Song” is ‘Tribulations (Tiga’s Out of the Trance Closet Mix)’ by LCD Soundsystem.

I know…I have to go to bed…I’m trying…


  1. Ari

    I hope tomorrow (or today) isn’t too bad for you. But wow you were able to go about your business. That takes a lot. I do hope you feel better.


  2. lili

    Please say you’ve gotten some sleep. I hope you’re feeling much better.



  3. Hi Ari and lili. Immediately post-ictally, I am actually very functional. I can move along pretty much just like nothing happened. Even after a Complex Partial where I’ve lost consciousness for a few minutes. I may need to shake it off for a bit but then, I’m okay? Maybe?

    Complex Partials are different because of the loss of consciousness, obviously. I’ve never had a tonic-clonic and they can be really bad for immediate post-ictal states. Again, it’s a consciousness issue.

    The worst is waking up the next day for me. That’s the eternal, “Where the hell will I be then?” question.

    I have slept, yes. I still feel like I could sleep more. I am truly exhausted. I want to look into something that I read that may theoretically answer why I am so exhausted but I think I’m just too damn tired!

    We’ll see. See how long I can stay working at my computer. I’ve only been up a couple of hours or so and I feel like I could crawl right back into bed! And yes, I’ve even had some food too. Skipped my ADD meds as it’s so late in the day and I don’t want to think anyway. *rolls eyes*

    And yes, to any readers who don’t know, ADD meds are the only meds that you can safely take a drug holiday with. However, I found out the hard way, I can’t do it too often for too long. We’re all different but Dr. PA says to still be careful even when playing with your Stims.


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