Extensive drooling, lasted for app. 20 minutes, the longest experienced in Patient hx.  Rapid eye blinking for perhaps two minutes but no vision loss.  Then, motor spasms in both legs for app. 30 seconds.  Post-“ick”tal© amnesia in trying to make account and re-account time lines.  Also post-ick”tal© feelings of anxiety (unsure due to inability to account) or frustration.

NOTE: Recall events of day.


  1. Lili

    I’m sorry you’re going through it.

    Many hugs


  2. Hi Lili. Thanks. I’m still banking on these incidents, the changes and increase in events, all being stress-driven. I mean, look at the last few days. Not to mention, when I told J. (we were supposed to meet today but I had to cancel because I was too wiped out.) He said he wasn’t surprised.

    Any outside account of any seizure event is very important as you may not know what the hell is going on. I mean, I can suffer post-ictal amnesia so that’s why I try and write down everything (or I was home last night so get it immediately onto my blog as I use this as a diary) ASAP.

    I just re-read this post now and a couple of things are unclear from memory so there you go. Had I waited until the morning, I would have lost the details!

    But back to J. as I am not being very clear here–still very tired after sleeping all day. He says he has noted patterns where I have been or become very stressed, then I have had distinct changes in moods (almost like some Bipolar activity) and then…ZAP! A seizure.

    So I can’t say I am all that surprised it happened, either. More things to discuss with the new neuro, I suppose. That is probably why I typed that last part–to emphasize the stress factor.


  3. Lili

    Stress has an incredible effect on the body. It can tip me right over the edge(you know that) I really hope things start to calm down.


  4. Hi Lili. So true. Stress is a huge player in peoples’ lives–more so than they probably realize. I hope things will calm down too or I may be headed for the funny farm again and I know I can’t handle that!

    I mean, that doesn’t even make sense! *laughing* You’re so crazy that you’re too crazy to go to a psych ward of a hospital???



  5. Lili

    I can completely understand that. I have never been hospitalized due to the mere thought of the noise and locked doors even though there were a few times I should have been locked up-quickly.


  6. Hi Lili. Well, I think it really was the trauma from the the last one (number seven!) I mean, I don’t mind going. Obviously, after that many times! When you gotta go, you gotta go…yanno?

    The thing is, it’s not like I need my meds adjusted, I do have at least some outpatient support in terms of medical needs (maybe just not therapy) so what would be the point or why would I need to go there?

    Well, I guess safety? If I was going to off myself? That would be the only reason. If I or things or both got so out of control that I was going to commit suicide, that would really be the only reason to waltz my sad ass back into a hospital setting.

    Otherwise…look what happened to me last time?

    Granted readers…MAJOR CAVEAT: This is just what happened to me. This should not stop you from going to hospital when you need help. Again, I’ve done it seven times now, so it is a very good thing to do. It’s just that the last time was a disaster.


  7. Lili

    Well let’s hope everything evens out. If you have to go then thats whats best for you. But you’ve learned so much with each time you probably can spot the beginnings of a downswing. (I mean right now they’re really obvious but I mean even when things are chaotic)

    sigh…my brain is not functioning properly I’ll try to explain better when it decides it wants to reboot


  8. It’s okay Lili. I understand what you are trying to say.


  9. Lili

    Lol I’m glad you do…


  10. Always Lili, and if I don’t, then I’ll just ask.


  11. lili



  12. Hi lili. We’ve got to stop this you know! Even for little grins and smiles! I have a policy where I respond to every comment! *laughing*


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