That is the current number of “archived” (i.e. shoved in a file) Medscape Newsletters that I haven’t read since…  Well, since they were sent. And are currently being sent.  So, 741 is a only a “rough estimate.”  For now?

I have a new goal. I am re-entering the Medical Blogosphere! No more bitching and whining and griping about how much my life sucks! I am heading back to where my blog was born (roughly…)

That’s right.  It’s all about science from here on in.  No more complaining about how pathetic I am and thus, how much my life…is also pathetic.

Sure, PA.

(…but I am going to try and get back to the Med. Blogosphere…really…)


  1. Lol. For 5 minutes I was thinking my brower was broken because ‘new goal’ wasn’t sending me anywhere. Then I realised it wasn’t a hyperlink. Yeah, I’m sleep deprived again.

    Anyway, I would recommend mindhacks for an excellent stream of SCIENCE and neuroskeptic for absolutely brilliant analysis of the current hot topics in science. But NO, I’m a selfish bastard and every second you spend browsing those sites your wasted on me.

    Anyway, if you need help getting the full text on an article, don’t hesitate to bother me. I like making use of my university connection to spread science.


  2. damn, forgot to tick the follow comments in email box.


  3. Hi NiroZ. *laughing* Was it my colouring of the text? Or is it something in my writing that was “sending you elsewhere?” If the latter, do tell!

    I know, you said hyperlink. I’m just trying to pry into that mind of yours… *grin*

    And yes, what you mention. Good. Quackwatch is fun, as well.

    Hey, now…let’s not be competitive! Perhaps we can “collaborate?” *winks*

    Or sorry…Aspie moment. Do you mean that my “time” would be wasted with you? Or lost with you? Or my (so-called) “knowledge,” as above?

    Well sweetie, you can have as much of my time as you wish. Know that!

    In exchange for “my time,” thank you so much for more than abstracts. I fucking loathe that altogether. I find exactly what I need in a ba-jillion Journals, but of course, I can’t pay for subscriptions to all of them! Hell, any of them!

    Indeed, Dr. PA I am but…well, only in name!

    Yes, I think I may “use” you at some point? Perhaps? *laughing again*

    You offered. Didn’t protest? *smirk*


  4. That’s alright, NiroZ. I’m back now with another response so if you’ve done it after your last comment, all should be good. Ironically, I “starred” this comment thread so I could remember to come back!

    So there! Touche!



  5. It was the underlining. I’m like a good dog in that I’ve been trained by the merciless masters of the internet (websites) to click everything underlined. The scary thing is I’m only half joking (ok, maybe a quarter joking…)

    Anyway, I highly advise you don’t pry into my mind. It’s confused the fuck out of everybody whose looked in there, including me.

    Hmmm, I didn’t know that quackwatch spewed forth information. Why can’t they get RSS feeds like everybody else!

    Anyway, other good sites (well, those that are in my READ EVERY DAMN POST folder) are and Although I’m probably now capable of understanding peer reviewed articles, I’m far too lazy, and they do a pretty good job of covering everything I could possibly want to know. But then again, if they don’t post it I don’t know about it… heh.

    Anyway, if you want my stream of articles, the easiest way is to friend me on facebook, your an atheist so my atheistic mutterings shouldn’t bother you. (I have heaps of Christian friends from my school and I love to taunt them by posting atheistic ejaculations, like just yesterday I posted a bunch of controversial bible verses. Didn’t open the flood gates of hell, but I managed to get a couple of people outraged and struggling to rationalise the quirkiness of the bible (which I completely owned them at, hehe) Speaking of which, you’ll probably like, depending on how atheistic you are.

    Ok, bit of a ramble there.

    Arg, I got to remember not to tell ambiguous jokes like that. I was being ridiculous while at the same time trying to be helpful. It’s annoying when you see a piece of information pop up a thousand times in your RSS feed, but I’d still put up with you. Provided you didn’t just post from all the other blogs I follow, at least, without commentary.

    I insist you use me to get you full text journal articles. I like feeling useful, even if it’s pirating off my university’s account.


  6. Ok, in case I offend anybody with that, I should qualify that I also plenty of atheist friends, and so the postings are also for them. But I do admit I get a bit of joy out of winning arguments with the other lot. I am a bit of a shitstirrer. Mostly when I’m bored. I don’t deliberately try to piss of that mob, I just want to get into debates and see what they really think. And win arguments :P


  7. lili

    Your new goal sounds excellent. My brain needs a good kickstart.


  8. Hi NiroZ. You are making me laugh. I can understand about anything that might be “coloured,” and what not. I think I just may mouse over it to see if there’s a rollover to give me some “special message!” *laughing* Maybe I’ll use more colours just for you!

    Your mind sounds a lot like my mind. Perhaps we should have a “meeting of the minds.” Let me check my calendar… Oh! It looks like I’m free every day for the of the rest of my pathetic life! How ’bout you?

    Thanks for the links. Always good to have. The more the better for scooping and learning.

    As far as Facebook, I am not on it. My standard (and honest), response is that I don’t want all of the people I grew up with to find me. They terrorized me, and bullied me to know end. I suspect they, and their behaviour has not changed one iota. Thus, the terror would simply continue from where it left off.

    How atheistic I am…is there some kind of scale or tape measure? *laughing* Ah, I don’t care. Bring it on.

    Actually, only bring it on under specific circumstances. You are either a very tolerant person who will “discuss” issues in a reasonable manner (i.e. not some crazy zealot that will only try and convert me, or just rant from your own perspective.) Or, bring it on if you agree with me. *grin*

    You are the opposite from me. I avoid religion and politics at all costs (although, see exception above.) I’m too tired of it as I’ve done it for years. The way I see it, ‘I’m sorry, there are more interesting things to talk about for me now.’ *shrug*

    I insist you use me to get you full text journal articles. I like feeling useful, even if it’s pirating off my university’s account.

    Well now, NiroZ! You are quite the man! I shall bow at your feet when research is required! *grins again*

    Hi lili. Thanks. Setting goals is definitely good. Following through with them? Hmmm… Sometimes that can be a problem. *PA raises eyebrows*


  9. mmm, I suppose most of what I do on facebook could be done on twitter…, but the easiest solution is to not friend the arseholes. The jerks that picked on me don’t go on my friends list. Granted, the list is rather small. Whoa, coffee time (3rd day awake)


  10. Regarding the mind meld, I’d say your probably more complex than me. You have a relative alphabet soup. Mine would probably be explained under ADHD inattentive with really dramatic unusual effects. And I’m rather freaked over the medication, as if it don’t work then I’m well a truly fucked.

    Getting back to facebook however, I can understand if you can’t be arsed using it. Hell, even though I had an account, I didn’t really use it until my grandpa started playing scrabble constantly.

    Anyway, I’m off to watch warehouse 13. A experience I don’t recommend unless your amused by everything.


  11. Although having watched partway through the first episode, I do wonder if the ‘intuitive’ dude has ADHD. And uncanny plot clever stupdity.


  12. Sorry you’re not sleeping so well NiroZ. I was kind of thinking of some lie down time right now, as I’m still feeling icky. I can’t sleep during the day though. Maybe a movie and chill? Try and read something even though my brain is fried? Keep sipping the gingerale?

    True, you can do all the blocking and that crap. I guess I still don’t want anyone to know that I remotely exist! Not to mention, I think keeping this blog up is enough!

    I tend to find these “Social Networking Sites” rather useless, really. I only set up Twitter out of curiosity and then I got followers…

    It can be somewhat useful if someone posts a link that is interesting (and you catch it), because honestly, I can’t keep going back and back and back…if I haven’t been on Twitter for a while.

    I suppose I generally use Twitter as a vehicle for my blog posts. Sure, I’ll sign on and see what’s what and maybe a quick message but…? In fact, that is one thing I need to do. I’ve recently gotten a bunch of “Follows” that are just sitting in my Inbox.

    That’s another thing. I get the most ridiculous people following me! “Buy my Health Book!” “Make Money From the Internet!”



  13. Yeah, spam on twitter (I created an account to support a friend, only one follow on it, and got spam for it) is a problem. Fun fact, my coffee’s so strong it gives my neck a left kink.

    In other news, I just realised how bad I am at watching video’s. I mean, if a name or a character or a face isn’t mentioned for half an hour, I’ll totally forget it, and when it’s reintroduced, I’ll think it’s a new character. Yes, I’ve spent many TV shows/movies going ‘hang on, how did that guy know about that…. Ooooh, he was that guy… but isn’t his face different. Although to be honest all that blabbering was just stalling to remember the name True Blood, which is that damn series with megaloads of tits (I’m not joking), which I’ve watched the entire 1st and 2nd episode, only not find that I’M MISSING THE LAST TWO! (granted, one isn’t released yet). Hmmm, what the fuck was I talking about? Eh, I’ll just shutup.


  14. Hi NiroZ. You snuck in there while I was commenting back. Alphabet soup. I like that! I made a post before where I was completely and utterly impressed with the Medic-Alert engravers! Amazing that they managed to put everything that is “wrong” with me on my bracelet!

    AD(H)D Inattentive with dramatic and unusual effects? Now, you’ve got my “attention!” Sorry…terrible one there. But, seriously. What’s up with that? If it’s too long to explain here, or whatever, feel free to email me.

    I’ve never heard of that show, but I have a really twisted sense of humour. I’m not sure if I’m amused by everything, but I’d just have to give whatever it would be a shot and see.


  15. You are the “sneaky sneaky” NiroZ! Slipping in there while I’m still typing!

    Yes, silly Twitter!

    Whoa! That coffee sounds crazy! I love my tea, but I did drink some coffee years ago. I think it came from Starfucks. Anyway, I called it: “Knock You into Next Week Coffee.” It was nuts.

    “…megaloads of tits… *PA laughing*

    It’s funny, I’m the same way at times too. Losing the plot and characters (and definitely with books!!!) Also, I forget movies and DVDs all the time, but it’s kind of good in a way. It means I can just keep watching them over and over. When I buy them, I get a really good deal for my money? *rolls eyes*

    Yes, you and I are so ADD Inattentive Type. The Space Case ADD’ers.


  16. It’s not as fancy as it sounds. ADHD IWDAUE :P basically means depression resulting from frustrations caused by ADHD, insomina, fidgeting of the knee (which initially triggered the investigation into the ADHD diagnosis), to the point where if I was sitting down, my knee seemed to have a mind of it’s own. sometimes bouncing slowly, other times rapidly, often pissing people off because your SHAKING THE ENTIRE TABLE! Sometimes right, sometimes left. It’s strange. Rage also goes in there, as well as a general insensitivity to social cues.

    I’m not joking about the megaloads of tits either. Most episodes showed more tits than I’d ever seen outside a porno. Then there’s the orgy scenes, which is about on par with eurovision in terms of most tits on screen at once, and certainly the most couple screwing each other simultaneously I’ve ever seen.

    Eh, warehouse 13 suffers first from the fact that it’s on the syfy channel, which for me seems to imply that your watching stuff on a channel so dumbed down that they dumbed down sci fi for you. Then is the fact that the techno babble is rediculous, the characters seem to be what a schizophrenic’s idea’ of the mulder/scully team would look like, with the schizophrenic himself bossing these two around. Fortunately, your within his would, so everything does make sense. I think. A lot of is is going ‘we’ve got no idea what the fuck is going on, so lets try this.’ Really stupid show… but entertainment is entertainment.


  17. Although it is nicely steampunk at times.


  18. Hi NiroZ. Again, Dr. PA is not a M.D. but I have had, and still do, the bouncy leg business. No rage issues, but the social cue stuff? That’s mega-Aspie.

    Depression? That can hit with any dx.!

    Also, there is a significant comorbidity rate re: AD(H)D and Asperger’s. Just some thoughts.

    Man, those shows you describe sound too much!


  19. Yeah, the social cue stuff is more to do with having a group of people and trying to maintain a pleasant image, while monitoring peoples facial expressions and voices. One on one, I don’t really have a problem (which is why therapists never picked it up). Granted, I also have fairly poor emotion recognition, but I don’t do any of the classic things, like stare at the mouth, or a fascination in one particular topic, or take metaphors/jokes/sarcasm/exaggeration literally. Well, I guess I do, but most of the time that’s deliberately for a laugh. I guess I could be covering for something. I remember putting my thongs(the foot sandals, get your mind out of the gutter, I was 8;) down a pipe when my brother joked that I should do it, but that’s probably normal, IIRC he didn’t make much effort to highlight it was a joke.

    Then again, I’ve never really struggled with how to express an expression (although some people have been confused as to what my facial expression was, to they got all paranoid and defensive.) But I think the clearest indicator is the fact that I don’t struggle in a 1 to 1 situation.

    Your right, depression is a symptom of a billion different things. But the fact that it’s short, (like a day to a couple of hours), often occurring when I think I’m failing at something in my life, like not concentrating in lectures, struggling with assignments, not having enough friends rararara. My psychiatrist has suggested I move back in with my folks, but then my anxiety goes through the roof, and I still get depressed.


  20. Hi NiroZ. Well, not that I’m trying to diagnose you as again, not a M.D. I’m not trying to put ideas in your head, as you seem to have your own strong opinions here. I’d never try and “put ideas into anyone’s head!” I just speak my mind as any Aspie would? And I believe in “Freedom of Speech,” so I lay it out all on the line on my blog, anyway!

    However, I can certainly see some Aspie traits there, if nothing more. Everything presents differently for every individual. Across the board, be it mental illness or Developmental Disorder.

    I do definitely agree with you about the Depressive Aspects, and the AD(H)D, and how it is /can be born of frustration etc… You’ve nailed that one right on the head.


  21. Yeah, just thinking out loud in case there was something blatantly wrong or obvious I was missing.


  22. Hey, NiroZ, this is an open space. I blog about all sorts of things and say whatever I want. The same goes for my commenters. It’s only fair!

    I don’t make any deletions or corrections unless it’s absolutely necessary (like re-typing an email address correctly so the person doesn’t get spammed to death.)

    Also, everyone plays nice here. It is a safe space in that way, too. I think I have somehow maintained it that way, but I don’t know. Maybe it’s been the tone of my posts, maybe it is because I respond to everyone personally when they comment.

    Who knows?

    Still, commenters are free to blab on and say anything they feel like, just as much as I do in my posts!

    All I ever say is that everyone gets along on PAs playground. And yep. They do.


  23. Woah, I didn’t transgress any lines did I? (people generally give that speech when someone does something naughty)


  24. Oh, no NiroZ. I just wanted to let you know, or give encouragement if you felt worried. You said you were thinking out loud, or had said that you were rambling a couple of times before.

    I just wanted to let you know that it’s fine to do that here.



  25. Thanks :D


  26. No problem, my dear NiroZ!


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