I may or may not need a break from blogging.  I don’t know.  I also took down the MP3 that I streamed last night.  There was no point in really doing it, and if I am going to take a break, it would not have been wise to leave it up.  If you did hear it, due to the nature of the song, it would not have been appropriate to let it remain.

There has been talk about a blogger and if he may have committed suicide by leaving a goodbye post on his blog and that’s it.  Had I left up that song, and just disappeared, it may have tossed the blogosphere into more of a whirlwind, and that would have been terribly irresponsible.

So, I may be here, I may not be here, I know I have comments sitting, emails there and more may show up…I’m not sure what will happen with those right now.  Anything in the future,  I am not thinking clearly.  I just have to get a handle on something…some things and then I’ll be back…or…something.

Thanks to you all.


  1. lili

    Young lady go where you want blogwise but if I email you and don’t get a response…it’s plane ticket buyin time…

    Hugs and I hope you are centered soon


  2. Hi lili. Well, as you can see, I guess I’m back in the game? I’ve made some posts and am now getting to the comments left.

    So much seems day to day right now, and it pretty much has been since I bloody well lost my job in April 2008! ‘Geez!

    Granted, there were “better times,” than now. Well, whoop-de-doo, right? What the hell does that mean? I guess it just means what it means! Over the last year and a few months, things have been better than now. That’s what it means.

    How, fantastically insightful!

    I still just have to keep moving along and if the pace varies or if my head varies or whatever…there’s not so much I can do about it. And that includes blogging as well.


  3. Lili

    Of course you’re back in the game :) Move as you need to honey.Everything will work out.


  4. Hi Lili. Yes, back…wha…huh? *laughing* Maybe just as the relief pitcher for now?


  5. Lili

    Lol relief pitcher is cool :P


  6. Thanks Lili. Glad you liked that one.


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