Seizure Notation

Yes, I am still here but that does not mean that I will stay here.  I may still stay on break.  It is just easier for me to document this when it happens and it keeps all of the events in the Category on my blog.  Easy reference.

I may seize again as I just did twice, briefly, and that has happened before.  Maybe something intermittent so that’s why I have to get this down fast.


Drooling, a bit and rapid eye blinking with some or total loss of vision but only app. 2 min. so hard to say.  Wait, slight lost of postural tone in head and neck.  It got worse with the second one which was basically the same as the first one but not so much eye blinking.  It lasted the same amount of time but more loss of postural tone with head and neck.  Same amount of drooling but again, brief…the second one was app. 2-3 min. as well.

Okay, I think I got that right.

Now, put it in the file…yes.  Remember.  New Neuro on Monday.


  1. Easier to make comment than a follow up. Felt another seizure coming on as both prior were Simple Partials. Went outside and like last, massive drooling (sorry, not medical terms!) A bit of rapid eye blinking but maybe just a bit of vision loss. Hard to tell dark outside and brief. Also, I have problems with post-ictal amnesia, so again…get this down fast!

    More the extensive drooling with a couple of these last ones.

    NOTE: With the other specific parts of the brain that you’ve written up, detail the area for this, as it is becoming more of a pattern than it was before, several years ago.


  2. Lili

    Good luck with the new doc on monday…


  3. Thanks Lili. Perhaps your wishes for “good luck” panned out, or assisted somehow. He’s great.


  4. Lili

    I’m glad he’s great. That is excellent.


  5. Thanks Lili. If he was Arsey Neuro v.2, I think I would have freaked out in his office, right then and there.

    Or maybe v.3, as the dude who’ll be handling the VEEG stuff at the epilepsy clinic was totally Arsey too!


  6. Lili

    Oh most excellent


  7. Yes, Lili. At least one more thing crossed off the list.


  8. Lili

    You and the lists :) It works though. Go forth…

    extra truffles and dry white wine for you


  9. Thanks, Lili.


  10. Lili

    You’re always welcome


  11. *PA grins to Lili*


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