I just tossed an MP3 up.  I’m pretty wired.  I’ve taken my meds…  New Neuro tomorrow.  Angst.

If you read this later after the song has been taken down, “Swamp Thing” by The Chameleons.  One of my all time faves from my youth, and it really is so “me.”

I mentioned in my additional comments section of MP3 of the Moment that I had streamed it on my PA Blog when I was using Blogger.  It might still be there as the song left as PA is still sitting on Blogger! I didn’t want to nuke it as I thought someone might make another PA, so I kept the account valid.  I just shut down any outside access, left a redirect message to find me at WP etc…

EDIT: I was right.  Heh.  Keep reading about the “older PA” on Blogger.

I don’t know if that’s going overboard with some paranoia as I’m not an uber-blogger, but I like being PA.

Wait a minute, that last portion: “…but I like being PA.”  No.  I bloody well don’t at times!

Anyway, maybe I’m sort of coming back to blogging.  Maybe it’s the angst, and being wired about tomorrow? I used to suffer from unbelievable “Doctor Anxiety,” and I even blogged about it here. Also, funnily enough, the links within that post take you back to my Blogger blog that is still there!

That was the greatest thing about migrating to WP.  It automagically brought everything you had created, from your initial blog, with literally one click.  And maybe I was somehow smart enough to leave my Blogger blog up.  The links still go back there.  They don’t link back to a WP page.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  Maybe I’m coming back to my “addiction” of blogging.  And maybe the meds are starting to hit as I clicked the “Publish” button before I was even done writing this! So now…edit mode quickly?

PA stupid head! Dummkopf!


  1. Lili

    Love the addiction. keeps it up.


  2. Hi Lili. Well, at least this isn’t too bad of an addiction? *laughing*


  3. Lili

    Lol this is a cool addiction….


  4. Yes, Lili. Blogging’s not too bad.


  5. Lili

    You are the most excellent blogger. My next favorite is Mommy needs five minutes but that is pure comedy…


  6. Awww…thanks again Lili.


  7. Lili

    You’re always welcome sweetie


  8. Same goes for you, Lili. Support reciprocated.


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