Because arifaery likes her “Daily Dose” of PA (god only knows why), I’ll at least write this.  Attempting anything else may be severely futile.


I have said before that I really do like to take my diagnoses in stride.  I try and accept what they are, how they affect my life, and that I must live with them for the remainder of my life.

Today is not one of those days (just in case you couldn’t tell from me screaming in block caps.)

I am still feeling all brain fried and loopy! My head is starting to hurt, so that means my eyes are starting to go! I’m nauseous and pukey and rather tired–all of this from a seizure that I may or may not have had!

Now, I don’t think this is exactly justifiable in my world.  In fact, I think it is downright abusive! If my brain is making me sick, I want to know about it! Further, I want to know why it is making me sick!

I mean, crap, you know? If I didn’t have enough goddamn, bloody problems with all my redonculous diagnoses already: ADD Inattentive Type, Asperger’s, Bipolar Disorder, Epilepsy, Migraines, GERD (okay that’s a tummy issue, but whatever.)  So, what next? Do I have to deal with my brain playing “tricks” on me? What, some sort of Hide and Seek? An Easter Egg Hunt?

Alright, brain.  Let’s sit down and have a little tete-a tete, here.  Well, that doesn’t make sense (thanks to YOU!) as I don’t have two heads.  You’re just screwing with me further to probably make me think I do.  So, a chat, then? Plus, I think I’ll lie down, courtesy of you making me feel like shit! You can continue bouncing around, or keep thinking up new games for us to play, or whatever it is you’re doing!

PA: “Brain, why am I feeling like this? It seems distinctly, even completely, like I am post-“ick”tal.”©


PA: “Uhhh…brain.  Are you listening? Are you there?”


PA: “Brain?”

Oh, so I have no brain? Well, that’s a debatable point.  However, in this case, I guess this is another “little game” I’m dealing with? Yes.  It’s called “The Guessing Game!” Not quite like Hide and Seek or an Easter Egg Hunt.  No, it’s more complicated.

Ages 10 and Above.  Adults Included.  Minimum 1,000 Players Required.


  1. Lili

    There has been many a time I tried to call my brain only to met with the following: error p2552 brain unavailable at this time please try your call again later.I’m sorry your body is pulling a mutiny-type act upon you. I hope you feel better soon.



  2. Hi Lili. Thanks. *laughing*

    Well, the brain/computer analogy has been beaten to death, so no surprise that there could be so many errors we’d potentially receive.

    My body should straighten itself out soon enough. It damn well better! For now, I’m eating (actually literally now), more mashed potatoes. Nice and bland. Then add some Glucerna (normally Ensure but I’ll buy whatever’s on the shelf.) And I don’t mean add Glucerna to the mashed potatoes. That would be kind of weird.


  3. Hi PA, called and I got a recording:

    “bip beep booop
    The brain you are trying to reach is out of service.
    Please hang up, and try your call again.
    Le cerveau que vous essayez d’atteindre est hors service.
    S’il vous plaît raccrocher, et essayez d’appeler à nouveau.”


  4. *PA laughing so hard* Thanks Asdquefty! You gave me a “Bilingual Brain!”

    Actually, probably just another “game” my stupid brain came up with. I’m not fluent in French! Hardly! I took it in school but that was years ago!

    However, we could go totally “nuts,” and babelfish the message into every language possible?


  5. arifaery

    As to the brain mutiny, I’m pretty sure my brain exists. It’s the only way I could be this complicated of a person. However, I have tried to have conversations with my brain and it pretty much ignores me. Sometimes it gets the rest of my body to do the same. Perhaps this is what’s happening.

    As for having a bilingual brain…well, there was this one occasion that I was not fluent in Japanese sober but spoke it quite well when I was drunk. So perhaps your brain is bilingual but it’s not letting you in on the secret.

    And from your comment on my blog I see you found me! Yay. I will be replying to you there.

    Thanks for the shout out. It made me feel special.

    Forward this messge to your brain: Play nice!


  6. Hi arifaery. *laughing* Yes, that makes sense about our brains making us so complicated. And the brain controls our bodies, so that makes sense that our brains ignore us then, as well!

    That is too funny about “Drunken Japanese.” In Thai restaurants they have a dish called “Drunken Chicken,” if memory serves. I’ve always wanted to order it, simply based upon its name. Just because I am that silly.

    I don’t think I could speak French if I was drunk. I have a hard enough time speaking English if I have too many. *rolls eyes*

    Yep, I found you! I’ve also left a couple more comments there re: the whole WP jazz.

    I’m glad you feel special for the shout out. I do “dedicate” posts to people at times and I also take requests for MP3 of the Moment if anyone wishes.

    Okay, my brain has read this post so let’s see if it listens!


  7. arifaery

    okay, yeah this was a test.

    i have failed.

    can’t figure out how to add my url while i’m signed in to wp.

    got your comments and left a response there.

    at this rate we’re gonna have a whole ton of convos going on at once. more fun for our brains!


  8. A few more:
    Мозг вы пытаетесь достичь вне службы.
    Просьба повесить, и попробуйте снова ваш звонок.

    Das Gehirn, die Sie versuchen zu erreichen ist ausser Betrieb.
    Bitte auflegen, und versuchen Sie erneut aufrufen.

    Il cervello si sta cercando di raggiungere è fuori servizio.
    Si prega di riagganciare e provare di nuovo la chiamata.

    Try and guess which language each of these is. :D


  9. Hi arifaery. Nope. Don’t worry. We’ll get it all worked out. You haven’t “failed.” I think what you didn’t do is add your url when you commented to my blog. There are several fields. Name, email and blog. Name can be “Fluffy the Cat!” Email is email, and kept confidential. Blog is optional as not everyone has a blog.

    Did you fill all of those out?

    It’s okay. I’m not a WP Guru, but if nothing more, we’ll have a whole lotta fun! I’m looking forward to it actually as it will let me play with a new template. So don’t let anyone else help you but me! *wink*

    Hi asdquefty. Okay…the first is in some kind of Cyrillic Font? I think? So that has to be some kind of Eastern European Language. I’m not really up on my “Fonts.” I should be.

    So… *PA picks card out of hat* You know, I want to go with something so simple. Croation? Lithuanian? Russian? That last one is really easy. Slovenian?

    Okay, any of those!

    The next? Defintely European and I’m tempted to say German, but no. Austrian?

    The third? Now we’re getting into the “Romance Languages.” Which most people think English is a derivative of…not so! Engilsh is a Germanic Language! Did I get any of you there, readers?

    The third? Italian. I think I’m pretty sure on that one.

    How’d I do?


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