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After about four hours of sleep, I wasn’t greeted with a concussion.  I suppose I should feel some gratitude for that.  Or at least I don’t feel concussed.  I should know as I have had one before.  Nope.  I think this may be straightforward, post-“ick”tal© business–with a dash of sleep deprivation tossed in.

I am still at J.’s.  Again, no way I could have taken a two hour transit ride home in that condition: post-“ick”tal© after basically the most serious seizure you can have, a possible head injury, not quite being able to walk…  On top of, what if I seized again??? I have been having my Simple Partial ones in a bit of a cluster, these days.

So, it looks like I will be camping out at J.’s for a while.  He’s just taken off for my place to pick up all of meds and some clothes.  I only had enough meds for one overnight stay.  He’s also going on a food run.  I’ve been staring at some chicken soup tentatively, even with a hint of fear, for a while now.

My head is still killing me from where it hit the bloody pavement.  Should try some OTC pain meds for that.  I’m almost tempted to take one of my migraine abortives but that wouldn’t really make sense, I don’t think?

I’m still hobbling along a bit.  My right leg feels like it’s been hit buy a baseball bat from someone in the mafia–after I didn’t pay back “my part of the deal.”  Just to send a message, you know?

J. did notice, and I have before, that my right leg suffers more of this motor shit than the left.  Well, that’s for damn sure.

Is there anything else left to say? Well, contact Non-Arsey Neuro and tell him? PA go lie down for a bit and stare some at the chicken soup? I’ve taken all of my meds and really can’t nap during the day but who knows? Under these circumstances, she might be able to catch a few zzz’s.

I think I’ve managed to type this up alright.  Spelling okay, punctuation, okay? Well, pretty out of it so…

This is sad.  Well, I am sad. It makes me sad.  I was really hoping this would not happen but I guess it did.  The possibility of it was always there but…? *sigh*

On the heels of the (nocturnal) seizure that I don’t know if I had or not…then it subsequently making me post-“ick”tal© for 48 hours…

Tonight (or yesterday) I felt better.  I went to J.’s for dinner and while we were waiting for my bus, we sat at a patio and then, well bugger me, all PA HELL broke loose! I’m still trying to piece it together with J. but he’s exhausted because they ignored me (us) for what…?…six or seven hours in the ER? No, a bandaged finger got quicker attention that a goddamn seizure and possible head injury at this one place!

I’m still at J.’s, as I can’t go home.  God only knows what on earth’s shape I’ll be in tomorrow? Thankfully, I had my overnight stash of meds here.  I still don’t know how I’ll sleep as I am so upset and the couch? I might even just crawl into bed with J.!

So, what happened? Apparently, I just went down like a tonne of bricks! I was seizing like crazy, J. was trying to hold my head but I bonked it well and good on the pavement.  It fucking hurts.  I sure hope I don’t end up with another concussion but I’ll look for that when I wake up.

I asked him how long it lasted.  He said maybe about five minutes between when it started and the first EMS arrival.  That would have been the Firemen.  I don’t remember them.  Then the Paramedics came.  I do remember them.  Well, I do remember the Firemen, but only one of them putting an oxygen mask on me…or asking and I said okay.  I seemed to have come around enough to talk to the Paramedics.  Who were also lovely and gave a full tank of oxygen!

But in between? It’s odd because I heard J.’s voice, another man’s voice, the woman who worked there but that is it.  To me, I don’t think that constitutes five minutes.  I think what I may have heard, in all they were saying, was when I first went down and then lost consciousness.

I heard J. saying I was okay and that I have seizures, the man telling me not to worry and then the woman asking if we wanted EMS called.  J. then told me it was after that EMS showed up.  So that makes sense.  I heard all of that as I was just starting to go?

I’m not sure as I’ve never had a tonic-clonic before.  Still, it fits with the time line if I was still seizing and recalled nothing until any Emergency Response.


So, there you go.  Or, there I go. *sighs again* I called as soon as we got back to cancel Merlin #2 tomorrow.  No way I can make that appt.!

Wow.  I still can’t think or even believe it even happened!

Stupid Epilepsy. A tonic-clonic?

Oh, and I totally lost my legs and fell to the floor trying to get up from the wheelchair at the hospital, too! Over several hours, I could walk again when we finally left, PA AMA! My legs are still a bit shaky and it’s been hours now.  Oh, dear god will I be in post-“ick”tal© torture tomorrow (today?)

I just want to curl up and disappear.

What a nightmare.