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I’ve been thinking some more about this first tonic-clonic seizure that I’ve had.  Some good and maybe some bad? First, I am very glad that J. was with me.  He knows how I seize and I’ve “trained” him what to do with me, or even anyone who has a seizure.  I am actually still at his place, and he has just brought me baby MacBook, peripherals etc… from home.  He wants me to stay here until at least the weekend is over.  That may not be such a bad plan as I am still post-“ick”tal©, and not feeling so hot.

The “bad?” I think one of the things that is “bothering” me the most (even though I am still post-“ick”tal© and not thinking that clearly), is that this seizure came completely without any warning.  J. and I were just sitting talking, I didn’t have a Simple Partial that would serve as an Aura.  I didn’t have a Complex Partial, I didn’t even have an Atonic, though they are so brief anyway.  Still, it may have served as a clue? Absolutely nothing happened to give any advanced notice!

EDIT: Well.  Now, isn’t this just tickety-boo! I’m poking around and I’m finding all sorts, of course, conflicting information.  One that is “reputable” said you don’t even experience any type of “Aura.”  Bloody, hell! Whatever.  Yes, you may; no you may not.  Fine.

Obviously, I have proven the latter.  Or, hell? Maybe I did have an Atonic preceding a tonic-clonic.  That may make sense as I heard a few things, then “lights out!” With Atonics, consciousness lost briefly, then back.  So two generalizeds?

My notes for Non-Arsey Neuro are going to be a lot of fun for this one!

However, I may have been spot on with one of my post-“ick”tal© symptoms.  Your (my) thalamus.  Ties in to why I drool so much with my Simple/Complex Partials.  The hypothalamus controls both feeding/eating responses (and also ANS temperature regulation.)  It’s linked to the thalamus.  A new problem I am having right now is crazy, temperature dysregulation! No, it’s insane! Hot one minute, take off the blankets, then I’m freezing…back and forth! I’m wondering if this is what Menopause is going to be like!

So, I have to just “deal” with this new part of my Epilepsy Profile, I guess.  Okay.  As I said before, I like to try and take my diagnoses in stride.

The humour? J. likes his wordplay as much as I do (ssshhh…I think I’m better!) Well, I have a very twisted sense of humour (as does J.), and I certainly don’t mind anyone making fun of me.

He was preparing some dinner last night and he said to me, “What’s wrong with someone who isn’t very good in the kitchen?”

I said, “I don’t know.”

He retorted: “They have “Dys”cook”ulia”©

That gave me a chuckle.  If you don’t get it, it’s a play on words with me my having Dyscalculia (math looks like a foreign language, common amongst folks on the Spectrum, PA is an Aspie.)  Also, I have Dysgraphia–backwards, screwed up writing.

Apologies to any Spectrum folks that may find the above offensive.

Next came an Epilepsy joke that I made about myself.  After dinner, we laid around and watched cartoons.  J. has an old Looney Tunes VHS tape.  Wile E. Coyote and the Earthquake Pills that he put out as birdseed for the Road Runner.  Didn’t work so he swallowed the entire bottle to “test” them? Then reads label.  Not effective for Road Runners! Wile E. becomes “Coyote Earthquake!”

I said that was me the other night.

Apologies to any Epilepsy folks that may find the above offensive.

Family? Oh, I may live to regret this one.  However, as callous as it sounds, I’ve got to catch this member before he dies! I’m not kidding.  He may be my only “genetic link” to me being on the Spectrum.  I’ve been meaning to “orchestrate” this lovely “Family Reunion” for quite some time–even pre-dx.

Mental Mommy’s uncle would have had “Retarded,” as his dx. back then.  I don’t recall much of him as I only saw him when I was little.  Still, from very vague memories, he spoke in an extremely odd tone of voice, there may have been some stimmy mannerisms, he (I was told at my Nana’s funeral), is obsessed with pens.

He is a real, sweetie.  Loved my sister and I to bits, Mental Mommy to bits.  However, he could never be on his own.  One of his other sisters devoted her life to living with him and taking care of him.  She still does.

So I called from J.’s, pre-seizure, with the idea still fresh in my mind to try and set up a visit.  My mobile died, Mental Mommy called my land line later, I picked up the message last night, I’m now all mucked up from a seizure and she wants me to call back tonight.  Excuse the lovely run on sentence but I plead being post-“ick”tal©.  I guess I’ll make a quick long distance call from J.’s, or she might freak out and think I’ve died or something.

Well, half way there? *rolls eyes*