For Someone Who Writes, I am A Total Ignoramus

I just realized that you use this symbol for things that you make.  Products that people buy or something that you invent, perhaps.  Those things are Trademarked.  That is what that symbol is, above.

You do not use it for words.  The things that you have written.  For example, all of my Aliases and even other things I have created on my blog.  For that, you use this symbol © That is the Copyright symbol.

I have now spent at least two hours or more trying to fix everything.  I think I have done it.

I also can’t believe no one told me.  Maybe they were too frightened? Maybe they thought telling me I was so stupid, it would throw me over the edge, and I would finally lose all sanity that I had left?

Maybe they didn’t care enough? Maybe they thought my writing was such crap, it wasn’t worthy of a © so who cared if it got a instead?

Hmmm.  Well, no matter.  I like to be “precise” and “correct.”  Therefore, I’ve made all the changes.  Also, the © is prettier on top of it being correct! *PA grins*


  1. Lili

    You know I never even noticed which designation you used? What does that say about my brain? I copyright all of my scripts or register them with the Writers Guild West.


  2. Lili

    When I’m not “officially” writing I break all of the rules. I started doing it years ago to stop me from writing five pages and then repeatedly going back to edit. I have editing issues. I finally fixed it by (for the most part) making my brother do corrections. I can free write (As the story usually comes fully formed in my head-no matter how long it is.) without stopping to work things out. He’s the opposite-he has an idea and builds-editing in correct fashion along the way as the story builds.


  3. Hi Lili. Well, at least if you didn’t notice, you ‘fessed up and it wasn’t any of the reasons above that I mentioned? *laughing*

    I wouldn’t say there are any “rules” exactly, when you are writing–at least as you are working at “the work,” or on “the piece.” It’s just however you feel comfortable doing it?

    I can edit something to death too, though! ACK! Granted, I’m a real stickler and I’d never let anyone else do it! Unless by some incredible, universe-turned-upside-down, miracle that I ever got seriously published. Well, with lengthier material than I have already, necessitating a Professional Editor! Sure, PA.

    I find the rest of your comment interesting and I think it furthers what I say about one’s comfort, or even style.

    You get an idea fully formed; your brother will work along and “edit on the fly.”

    I am totally different as I will work for as long as I can without an idea fully formed in my head. Or at least not quite fully formed. I mean, I will have some idea, right? If it’s a shorter piece, I’ll probably wait and edit it when all is said and done.

    A longer piece? Oh, dear! I once made the “mistake” of “editing on the fly” and it seriously interrupted my thought flow! I learned from that one! I’ll never do that again! If it’s something that I don’t know, a specific detail–I’ll just keep writing and insert a notation or something!


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