Well, There Will Always be Cookies?

I “think” I’m starting to “feel” better.  What is giving me this indication is that I am starting to “think” about things and I am starting to “feel,” again.  If being post-“ick”al© and feeling all sickly has an upside, it hits the “pause button” on at least one or more part/s of your brain.  You’re so out of it, you needn’t worry so much about the reality of your life, and how crappy it is.

Last night, J. put on a song that made PA a bit sensitive, and she actually dashed from the room.  Yes, let’s go get the laundry! Then, let’s head back downstairs!

Oh, then getting to sleep! I had taken my meds and should have been suitably zonked to crash.  Nope.  Even worse, I was caught between insomnia and dysfunction! I didn’t have enough wits about me to play on baby MacBook, or to read to drift off…  So instead, I just lay there in wait for the Sleep Fairy to come.

I was also hot and actually just about stripped off all my clothes! HA! Good morning, J.! PA in her T-shirt (well, his T-shirt considering laundry), and her underwear, only! Or less??? No, the sun was up by then, so blanket over head!

Also, nightmares! I woke myself up by talking in my sleep! *laughing* No, I did! J. wasn’t downstairs so he missed it, but I screamed, “FUCK OFF!”

Gee, I’m my own personal alarm clock! I scream, “FUCK OFF!” then, time  to get up PA!

Ah well.  J. and I plan to have a big, baking, cookie, festival today, but now he’s done something to his back! He’s taken some pain meds and is resting.  I’ve only had my first tea after shite sleep (he didn’t sleep well either, ironically.)  I need lots more tea…OMG.

PA, wake up! “FUCK OFF!”


  1. Lili

    LOLOLOL good wake up call. There will be no cooking here. It’s already 90 degrees and the oven will turn this place into a furnace. I seriously need to change the music I’m listening to right now-but can’t.

    The pause button-is there a place I can buy one? I need one and really quickly. It would solve lots of problems.I’m wearing the same thing with no intentions of changing but unfortunately didn’t get to do the alarm clock thing as I didn’t sleep.


  2. Hi Lili. *laughing* I know. I don’t know if I’ve talked in my sleep much at all these days, but I did it a lot when I was in my 20s.

    Funny story: one of my roommates in uni. did too, and we’d always catch each other when one was awake and the other was asleep! It was too much! I said to her, “I wonder if we have conversations when we’re both asleep?”

    Sorry you didn’t get any sleep, and although we both managed to catch some zzz’s, J. and I are rather a fucked up pair. With his back, I don’t know if he’s feeling like an octogenarian, or maybe somewhat younger. I feel like I’ve got some kind of disgusting hangover, so I’m guzzling loads of tea.

    The tea is like “Menopause Tea,” as it’s making me so hot! I’ve doffed more clothing as a result! I realized that I had a pair of boxer shorts. Okay. They are my “Canada Day Boxer Shorts!” White with Red Maple Leaves all over them!

    Plus, I found a pair of socks that J. brought over that roughly match the T-shirt I am wearing. Yes, even when dressed as a spaz, I like things to match. Or not. As an Aspie, I’m weird that way. Some things absolutely must, sometimes I don’t care!

    We went on our cookie, ingredient run but at the moment, neither one us are too enthusiastic to start making anything. *rolls eyes*

    I’m sure it will get even hotter in this place as well. However, I’m NOT removing any more of my clothes! No, “Naked Baking!” At least not with J.! Not to mention, I’d have to cover up around the stove! I’m so klutzy, I might burn “sensitive parts!”


  3. Lili

    LOL no burning of the sensitive parts. When I took ambien I’d giggle in my sleep or wake up and have whole conversations with the SU before he went to work and wouldn’t remember a single word. I’m not matching at all. This is my laborless labor day weekend gear. A black not in my name T-shirt and grey mens boxers. I’m downing bottles of water. If it can’t be made in the microwave I won’t be eating it.


  4. I’m glad you got a laugh out of that Lili. That’s funny about you and the “sleep talk,” as well!

    Yes, Labour Day Weekend! Apart from the cookies, I’m not doing anything except trying to keep up with you guys!

    Now, J’.s done with making dinner, so I’ll have to take a break and eat…back soon!

    And he’s used the BBQ outside so not so hot!


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