Blogging is Supposed to Be Fun: A Note to Readers

Alright.  I’ve just about had it. *PA reaches for cigarette wondering if she’ll sleep tonight* Fuck, me.  All over this.  Over my stupid, pisswipe, shittyass, fuck-of-a-waste-of-space blog! You see? Blogging is supposed to be fun!!! You see? I’ve just about had it!!!

However.  So there are no surprises over the next little while for any of you…

If you have or have not noticed, we’ve got a lockdown situation.  For just the second time ever, I have Password Protected a post.  The first was for my personal safety.  The second is for this blog’s safety.

Comment Moderation has now been turned on as well, so if you see that and I don’t get back to you right away, don’t panic that I haven’t “Approved” you.  If I never get back to you, you weren’t “Approved.”

Things have gotten a bit messy around here.  I still have outstanding comments that haven’t been Moderated.  I may get back to them…well, I will.  Yes?

I have never turned on Comment Moderation, ever! At least as my memory serves.  No.

That is not how I run my blog!

Someone suggested a “Comment Policy.”  Oh, come on!

That is not how I run my blog!

I believe in Free Speech too much to do what? Somehow decide just where to draw lines and deem what is and is not appropriate? That’s impossible for me to do here!

I could alter and/or delete people’s comments.

That is not how I run my blog!

See above re: Free Speech and also, I am not on my blog 24/7.

I have never faced a problem like this on my blog before.  EVER.  And I’ll be damned if it happens again.  I know you want to know what it is.  Some of you may know.  Some of you may ask me.  I may or may not tell you.  It may or may not even be relevant.

I will tell you, however, it will be a deeply, sorrowful day in PA Land if Comment Moderation will have to be turned on permanently.


  1. findingmecrazy

    Hey, you ok? What happened? Don’t worry if you don’t want to tell me or talk about it, but I hope you’re ok and I hope you don’t have to turn on comment moderation permanently. Take care x


  2. Hi findingmecrazy. Thanks for your support, sweetie. Perhaps by the time you come back to read this (if you haven’t already) you’ll see that all is back in order.

    And no, I do not want to have Comment Moderation on permanently.

    You take care too.


  3. lili

    It’s okay sweetie all will be well


  4. Thanks, lili.


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