Respect For This Blog

This blog may mean a great deal to me but more importantly, without my readers, it would have little to no meaning at all.

It has been up for nearly three years now.  Within that time, something occurred that I never thought would.  As a result, I needed to Password Protect a post until I could restore and return this blog to order, turn on Comment Moderation which I have never done, ponder if Comment Moderation would be required as a permanent measure and a whole lot more.

I am pleased by the fact people can have fun and enjoy themselves here.  This blog is not always to be taken that seriously, as I post things that are meant to be funny at times.  I believe a sense of humour is healthy for us all, and although this is primarily a blog about mental health, I do write about other things.  To see this, all you need to do is look at the Categories on my right sidebar.

I do not want to use Comment Moderation, as I write extremely openly about issues regarding mental health.  I want people to have access to this blog equally as openly.  Turning on Comment Moderation, to my mind, almost seems like the awful joke of calling a Suicide Hotline and someone putting you on hold.  This blog has always had a feeling of “community” about it, and I very much want to preserve that.

The post that was Password Protected is now “unlocked.”

Comment Moderation has now been turned off as well.  This blog will now move forward in the manner as it always has and should.


  1. “the awful joke of calling a Suicide Hotline and someone puts you on hold. ”
    Hmmm, that’s actually happened to me, multiple times.


  2. Really NiroZ. Gee, that sounds awful.


  3. lili

    I’m on board sweetie :)


  4. Hi lili. Thanks for your support, as always, hon’.



  5. lili

    Hee hee I mean I understand….Poof! (Lilis head rolls off her shoulders)


  6. lili

    You’re very welcome :)


  7. Hi lili. *laughing* You know, I think we might be having the same kind of day. I’m not sure where my head is either. I’m still at J.’s “convalescing,” too. I haven’t even made it home yet! ACK! Blech.

    I must make some more tea. Right.Now. I feel like I’m about to completely fall off his couch.

    Isn’t there some horrendous joke about: “Man With Strongest Ladder Has Greatest Understanding.”

    OMG. My degree of cognitive abilities have sunken that low. Surely, I can not still be post-“ick”tal (copyright symbol here.) Whoa. If so, this would be my longest period ever.

    I wonder if there’s something in the Guinness Book of World Records for that? I know, I’m twisted and that is not very funny at all. However, who in the world has had the longest period of yuckiness after a seizure? That question does arouse my curiosity and I think that’s fair. Definitely from a medical perspective?

    Either way, they have my deepest sympathies (empathies?) Empathy because I may have felt just as shitty as they have.


  8. lili

    Thank you honey :) Yeah I’m not even putting together coherent thoughts so if I start babbling just smile and nod. We need rest lol and though my brain is broken I’m thinking hmm..I wonder IF theres something in the Guinness Book…

    I’ll take my restraints now…


  9. Hi lili. No worries, doll. Coherent. What’s that word mean? I wonder if J. has a Dictionary around here somewhere. Wow! At least I know what a Dictionary is! *laughing*

    Yes, I agree. We do need rest.

    Please, I insist, hand over the keys to me for your restraints! The only problem I can see is, that because we both need rest, what if I fall asleep and you decide you need to be “set free?”

    Well…SCREAM LOUDLY?!?!?! Wake me up? As long as I stay nearby? Don’t wander off? I promise you, I’m not a somnambulist, at least!


  10. don’t know what happened but I’m glad to see that whatever it was you’ve come through in the PA style we know and love.


  11. Thank you so much Margo. You do not know what your words mean to me. They are extremely heartfelt and are making me tear up a bit, actually.



  12. lili

    Lol I can do the screaming thing if you’re okay with it :)


  13. Hi lili. I’m a really light sleeper anyway, come to think of it. I always have to wear earplugs. So, I’d probably hear you!


  14. lili

    Yep you know I always have my plugs. I’ve even accidentally left the house with them in.


  15. *laughing* Oh, lili! That’s funny! How long did it take you to notice that all of the sudden, you were somehow losing your hearing?

    Also, how funny (and odd!) you should mention “earplug mishaps,” right now. OMG.

    Now, I’m “Klutzy von Klutzy the Spaz,” anyway. This you know. Most readers of this blog, also know. So, I get up from J.’s couch to turn off the light, semi-stoned on my meds to go to sleep, and guess what happens?

    I had my earplugs in my hand and one of them goes ‘plop!’ right into a glass of water I have on the coffee table nearby to drink in the night.

    I’m like…nooooooo!!! How long will it take to dry? If I use it anyway, will I wake up with a damn earache? Maybe if I use it on the “pillow side,” it won’t drain into my ear, thus no earache?

    *PA rolls eyes*

    I waited a bit, used it anyway, and so far my ear feels fine.


  16. arifaery

    Well, once again I took a blogging vacation and something happened. Well, I’m glad things are resolved. (I hope).

    Sorry so absent. I’ve been so busy and tired and then it was Wednesday and I was like ah! Where has the time gone? I haven’t blogged. I haven’t read. I haven’t checked email!

    So, I’m back. :)


  17. raginggenius

    I always get totally annoyed when ever I take the time to read someone else’s blog, take the time to comment, hit the submit button and “your comment is awaiting moderation” pops up. I never go back to blogs like that. I alway wonder just what the author is afraid of.


  18. In her defense, I don’t have a problem with people having comment moderation on. Some people turn it on temporarily when they go away for the weekend, just to keep things in order. Others constantly get nasty comments. Others are control freaks. It’s their blog, and I don’t really care.


  19. Hi arifaery. Great to see you back! Yes, I certainly hope everything is resolved too! You should be glad you weren’t around! I rather wish I wasn’t around but that’s silly talk.

    I have a duty and a responsibility to maintain this blog and run it properly. Not to sound like some kind of ill-tempered School Mistress as you know I am not like that at all. However, even still, yes?

    Hi raginggenius. I haven’t seen you in a while. I hope you’re doing well?

    To both you and Niroz, I’ve talked to bloggers as to why they use Comment Moderation. They’ve offered me several answers. I have accepted them.

    Some people do not even respond to their commenters. I respond to everyone.

    “Blogger’s Choice?” Everyone is an “individual?” I really can’t say.

    I do not wish to use Comment Moderation or change anything about how I run my blog as I stated above. I think it would be grossly unfair to its readership.


  20. raginggenius

    I do think it is very cool that you respond to every comment, you are unique in that way. I’m pregnant again, so I’m just blahhh.. :)


  21. Hi raginggenius. Thanks, I appreciate that.

    Wow, a baby on the way. Sorry about the “blahhh,” though. You try and “un-blahhh” yourself if you can. Not sure if that’s really possible. I’ve never been pregnant!


  22. raginggenius

    Thank you sweetie :) Just a little nauseated, not sure if it’s from the pregnancy or the fact that I had to buy a friggen mini van. lol!!


  23. Hi raginggenius. No problem, dearie. I thought it might be nausea but you never know. Who can count the number of things on this planet (or beyond?) that can make us feel like crap.

    Oh, new baby, new automobile! The fun never ends…

    See above about who knows how many things that can make us feel like crap!


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