Coming to a Bookstore Near You!

I seem to have been dared coerced encouraged to begin a lengthy writing “Project.”  Now, whether or not this will really get published, who on earth knows? Do any of you out there actually have a working crystal ball?

*PA hears crickets chirping*

Ah, just as I expected.  And if you did, I also expect you would keep it a secret from me anyway! You know I’d be constantly nagging you for answers to this and that all the time! I’d probably never shut up and you’d break your beautiful, crystal ball by throwing it against the wall, as I ran as fast as I could to get away from you “after the last straw!!!”

So, yes.  My “Project.”  I am still “convalescing,” however, J. and I did go out to the Library (or one of them here–speaking of “Literary Things…”)  And as an aside, they now have DVDs! I know this may not sound like such earth-shattering news, but I have not set foot in a Public Library in many years.  ADD makes it fruitless as you can only keep books for so long.  I need a year to get through a book (slight exaggeration.)

Where I was headed though, is they have Anime!!! They even had this little, wee “Catalogue!” Although, it said: “Recommended By Staff.”  Now, I’m a bit confused here, however, someone please correct me they are “in the know.”

Every time I have gone to a Public Library, the only people that seem to be working there are old, gray-haired, retired women.  I’m not sure, but I don’t think these ladies are really Anime fans.  Again, I could be off the mark on this one.  Nonetheless, I still plan to read the wee “Catalogue” and visit my Branch.  Not to mention, I can go online and have anything I want just “shuttled” over to me.

Alright, apologies for my “deviation,” but Anime is very important to PA! Anyway, while out shopping and thinking about my “Project,” plus not being at home to know for sure, I questioned whether or not I had enough supplies to work properly.  Just in case, best to pick some up.

So, to “write,” I need something to “write with,” right?

This will be a multi-purpose unit.  I will explain as indicated by the image rollover.

This will be a multi-purpose unit. I will explain as indicated by the image rollover.

Even though my manual dexterity is certainly not the best, I chose to purchase this “writing instrument,” as I may be able to flex my muscles as I flex my brain! You see, I can actually hold this pen in my fist! That is correct! It is approximately 1 ft. long! And apart from flexing my muscles, when I experience some “writer’s block” or any other frustration, I can beat myself over the head with it!

Now how odd is this...?

Now how odd is this...?

Yes, that is who is on my pen! I love Spidey! But what is so odd, you are asking? I HATE SPIDERS!!! I think I need Spidey to come and “make friends” with all of the spiders I encounter throughout my entire lifetime.  That would be good.  And Spidey could protect me in other ways too!

So, we’ve got a suitable “writing instrument” now.  Next, something to write “on.”  Here, we are!

As per my rollover, this is an emergency situation!

As per my rollover, this is an emergency situation!

It would appear that Happy Bunny may have his straitjacket on a bit too tight! He’s looking a bit oxygen deprived! This is not good! Happy Bunny made an appearance on my blog here, but he was white, though. Maybe it was the drink? The juice? Maybe I’m overreacting a bit, and Happy Bunny has “chameleon-like” powers!

Well, either way, I may end up looking like Happy Bunny up there, after scribbling away in that pad for an indeterminate period.  Yes, with that wild, even crazy expression and in a straitjacket.  Actually, I already look pretty wild and crazy most days–just minus the straitjacket.  I have been told I’m cute, as well… *shrug*

No doubt, during this “Project,” I’ll be messing up all over the place.  Apart from my Dysgraphia, I’ll just be plain, old screwing up everywhere. I know it already. That’s why I picked up this too.

I'm not even going to try to hazard a guess...

I'm not even going to try to hazard a guess...

Oh, and for that? If you want a “Pen to Eraser Ratio?” The eraser is about 2/3 the size or the pen… *sigh*


  1. arifaery

    I love Spiderman! He’s my favorite! And I’m arachnephobic! (sp?)

    What is this extreme writing expedition?

    I like big erasers and big pens, but how will the eraser erase the pen?

    I also think that old grey-haired librarian ladies might have secret anime parties. I think they have more fun than they let on…


  2. Lili

    Hahahahaha your project is gonna be awesome


  3. Hi arifaery. Hey! Another “Spidey Fan/Arachnophobe!” I’m not alone! Let’s write a letter to him. What do you think? We can use my new “writing instrument!” *laughing*

    So, my “Project?” Well, I really don’t talk about any of my personal writing here, but I’ll tell you. Promise to keep it a secret?

    It’s what the world has been waiting for. All this time.

    “The True Life Story of Happy Bunny!”

    Seriously, though. I really don’t discuss anything about what I write on my blog–unless it’s terribly vague. Like, “I just submitted something today. Good luck with that!” You know, a post to that effect.

    Maybe one day it really will be a: “COMING TO A BOOKSTORE NEAR YOU!!! WOO HOO!!! *laughing so hard*

    I know, the eraser won’t erase the ink and you must know me as I hate writing with pencils–icky sensory thing!!!

    However, a) I will self-flagellate for my mistakes, and try to use it anyway and b) it’s nice and big, so another alternative for something to hit myself with, over the head.

    Also an interesting perception about the librarians…you worked in a library part time as student, didn’t you??? HA! Touche!

    Hi Lili. *laughing* Thanks and I’m glad you enjoyed the post.


  4. arifaery

    I’ve actually never worked at a library. I’d be really bad at it. Too loud, too ADD, and love to read too much. I recognize that reading and ADD may not go hand in hand, but I’m full of contradictions.

    I now understand the reason for the eraser. Quite frankly, I would have a giant eraser just to say I have a giant eraser! :)


  5. Hi arifaery. Funny about the eraser. I’m such a big kid at heart. Hell, why do you think I bought the stuff in the first place? *rolls eyes*

    The AD(H)D may possibly go in two directions. I’m ADD Inattentive Type. I don’t know about your dx. but if you’ve got the “H,” or say, the “Attentive” Type,” the Hyperactivity portion may give you an edge. It may give you the focussing abilities to read better.

    I know that I am able to hyperfocus on things I really enjoy, so there is a bit of a contradiction there. But for other things, so many others, my concentration is just blown.

    And speaking of concentration…either WP isn’t or gmail isn’t concentrating, as I am not getting any comments through…

    Oh, wait…they are all in my gmail Spam folder. I Spammed a comment so gmail is going spastic and now Spamming everything?

    I’m feeling rather like I could have the ability “Spam” or “Erase” some things from my life right now. Too bad that’s not a possibility, eh? *rolls eyes again*


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