Yes, I am home now.  I have been released from St. J.’s Hospital.  Poor St. J.  He said he would miss me last night.  He even gave me a kiss on my forehead, when he went upstairs to bed.  I was still trying to wait for my meds to kick in (while reading one of his Dilbert books–Dilbert rocks!) I must admit, though, I love St. J., but as an Aspie, his “surprise” kiss on my forehead kind of gave me the heebie jeebies!

He offered to let me take the book home. But in thinking, I have two books from the Library of St. J.’s Hospital at home already, so I really don’t need three!

St. P., my dear friend, offered to pick me up and drive me home today.  Yes, drive.  Mostly, because who the hell would know how I’d end up feeling after a week(!)  The damn transit ride home takes two hours.  I’d accumulated so much stuff from home there was no way I could carry it all!  Also, St. P. had called during the week when I wasn’t home and was almost over the edge in worry that I hadn’t called him back!

So, it all worked out that he drove me home. And it was probably a good thing.  I’m still not sure how I am feeling so, yes, good to be driven home?

St. P. and I went out for dinner, but I fear I was selfish.  He will be leaving for Amsterdam, soon.  If you don’t know, I met my friend, St. P. while we were in hospital about 2.5 years ago.  Apart from being mental, we’re both as gay as the day is long! I will miss him so much, but when we both get our shit together, it will be fab to have a friend in Amsterdam where I can fly over to visit and see that part of Europe?

When I got home I only unpacked the essentials.  Obviously, baby MacBook and peripherals.  I also poured myself a glass of red wine and sat on a small, deck that I have at my home. I put on my iPod as I had only listened to Classical Music at St. J.’s Hospital which was fine, but I hadn’t heard anything else that I have at home. Then, I proceeded to nurse my wine and smoke about half a pack of cigarettes and only hoped that I wouldn’t burn down my home.

While outside, I looked at the mail that had built up since I wasn’t home. A lot of it was junk.  Typical.  But while I was listening to my iPod, I found the MP3 that was delivered! Right to my home when I was away! I opened it and listened…

“Mercyfuck” by Mary Prankster.



  1. lili

    I’m glad you’re back and getting settled. Get some rest.


  2. Hi lili. Thanks, I’ll do my best.


  3. Your gay 12 hours a day? That’s a weird type of sexuality :P.
    Weresexuality anyone? How do you catch this?


  4. arifaery

    Hmm…transformative sexuality? This may be interesting to some of my students. Add “W” to the alphabet soup for weresexuality? Interesting…

    :) I’m glad you’re home safe and sound!


  5. Hi NiroZ and arifaery. Yes, funny how some idioms are created.

    Thanks arifaery.


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