My tonic-clonic Temperature Dysregulation! Can’t “Fix” It But I Can “Prove” It?

Now, we’ve got some PA Evidence going on! Hey, you can’t keep a Geeky, Aspie, Medical Researcher down (no matter how shitty she feels?)

This isn’t “Hard Science,” but oh, I think it’s even better! Why didn’t I think about this before? Why? I’ll tell you bloody, well why! Because I think this tonic-clonic really has fried my brain! I mean, I don’t know if J. even owns a thermometer, but duh! *PA slaps forehead that is now feverish*

Not to mention, while screwing around on Google, I found myself on Page One… *rolls eyes* There is a rare thing called post-“ick”tal© fever.  This I read about…well, whenever I wrote the post.  And not that this may be it.  No, I think it is, or may be, something else? Something bigger? I’m thinking duration.

Anyway, point being, all I need to do is track my body temperatures, monitor them and make some notes–as if I was using a Basal Thermometer to try and have a baby (which I am not, by the way.)

For example, right now I am running a fever between 101°-102°, my feet are freezing and have been under the duvet for hours–and yet are still freezing.  Normally, PA The Human Ice Cube, should be completely freezing all over.  Especially if she has supposedly lost another 5lbs. and is now down to 95lbs.  My body right now feels just sort of…”average?” Maybe comfortably warm?

I can’t recall what it has been doing all day, as I have been too out of it to pay attention.  You bet I’ll be paying attention now! And I’m sure I’ll be noting some changes? Especially since it sure as hell felt like my body temps. were riding one giant roller coaster last night while I was sleeping!

For a fever that high? If it was consistent all day? If I had an infection, I would have felt chills, been achy all of that.  Now I know none of that’s been going on–no matter how out of it I’ve been.  I’m not sick.

I wish I had thought of this before but it may not matter so much.  Especially if it’s still going on after this long? It may just further prove my point! I believe my body temperature checked out fine when they took me to the hospital.  At least they didn’t indicate anything “alarming!”

Actually, in hindsight, they did do some things wrong when they took me in.  At least one–and it probably might have gotten me some medical attention, as opposed to none. As much as I love paramedics, and you know that I do, these guys screwed up.

For a tonic-clonic with a possible head injury (as I slammed my head on concrete!) they should have put me on a gurney.  The paramedics put me on a gurney before when I had one of my Complex Partials! *PA shakes feverish head*

Well, now that I’ve got this happenin,’ I can take it to Non-Arsey Neuro.  If it doesn’t settle down, then I think I may have a problem? My body temperatures can’t lie! I can now prove that this business is going on!

Which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

But wait.  I thought I’d just try a quick, little, “experiment” now.  And of course this makes sense because in order for my brain and body to co-ordinate all of this, what else is needed? The environment!

I just went outside to smoke a cigarette.  I put a jacket on.  Now how long does it take to smoke a cigarette? Not that long! Taking into account the temperature differences as well, which are 24°C in my flat and 18°C outside, it’s still such a short period of time.

PA became The Human Ice Cube outside–instantaneously! Of course it’s also too brief a period for her core body temperature to change, but that’s the problem! Back inside, she’s fine now! Perhaps? Until the next wave of something else?

EDIT: Now I’m HOT!!!

That’s the whole thing though, right? The regulation is completely screwed up! For me to go all freezing and wingy just like that?  Also, I wasn’t like that last night, I had less clothes on and sat out for ages! The weather was exactly the same.  And I’ll bet you, that should my core temperature change, things will remain just as screwy.  I’ll still be having problems.

This may just be the most important post I’ve ever written about my seizures yet!

It looks like Dr. PA is back on duty.


  1. I’m going to be the first person to comment on my own post. I have done this before.

    I started writing this…oh, maybe around 2100hrs? I’m so freakin’ tired, I can’t say for sure. You will see by this comment’s time that it is now app. 2245hrs.

    At this point, my body is telling me that you are getting close to the possibility, of needing to call Emergency Services, for the Fire Department.

    I wrote in an earlier post, after I had the seizure, that I questioned with this “Temperature Dysregulation” business, if this was what it would feel like when I would be Menopausal.

    Thus, I think we can all see, I am still having problems in this area!

    I need to set up an Excel Spreadsheet or something now.

    But I am extremely exhausted. So, maybe I will simply keep leaving comments like this. Or, scribble things down in a notepad. Or, ask the Firefighters to make my notes for me.

    EDIT: And along with that, we have definitely reached 102 degrees! The crowd roars!


  2. lili

    Definitely keep on top of that. I don’t even like 102 at this point. If it goes higher make a call to someone and get thee to the doc miss. Excellent finding the post-ictal fever info.


  3. I’ve slowly formed the belief that when it comes to mental health, you are purely your own advocate. Which if the dexamphetamine is doing what I think it’s doing, I think worked out rather well. Not meaning to be rude or callous to the medical profession, but nobody else really understands what’s going on inside you, and to even give them an inkling you have to know what to say.

    It kinda makes me sad for those who don’t have the research mentality, or are too incapacitated to fight for themselves. Good to know that you figured out your weirdness, and that your strong enough to keep fighting.


  4. Hi lili. Thanks about the research findings. You know me!

    Yes, this temperature business. My Excel Spreadsheet that I began this morning is already getting quite…”interesting?” Actually, ridiculous might be a better word. Actually…I don’t think I can find a proper word.

    I’ve been bouncing around all over ever since I got up. As per my post, I knew it! It was already evident before, I just wasn’t “tracking” it, or had the thought to do so.

    Just to give you, and anyone else who is reading, a “snapshot” of what has gone on so far:

    I woke up with a normal temp, felt fine. Then a short time later, got chills with a normal temp. Then I went on to have my tea as per usual. I got hot, as I did every day post-seizure, then my temp. shot right up to 101 degrees!

    Having tea should NOT give you a fever!!! Or make you feel like you’re roasting? *PA shakes head*

    Plus, I’m still dumb as a stump in feeling cognitively impaired, nauseous and headachy.

    I really don’t know what to do about this. Well, I need some neurological assistance; I think that is obvious. However, I think going to the ER would be pointless. They would probably send me to the psych ward, as they would think I was crazy, no matter how much documentation I brought in with me.

    Granted, I could probably drag J. along, as he is my “witness” to all of this. And bring a thermometer? Because of course, they would only check my temp. once, and it would be normal!

    Plus, I never received any assistance from the hospital when I had the damn seizure! No records other than me going AMA. That would be a point against me, thus making me look certifiable.

    So, they may lock J. and I both up in the psych ward! We are the only two that can “attest” to what is going on. Not to mention, the closest hospital is the one where they COMPLETELY fucked me over in their psych ward when I was hospitalized there this summer. Whee!

    I think I’m starting to lose it with this crap. Every time something happens, I have to keep running to take my temperature and update my damn Spreadsheet!

    Hi NiroZ. I have worked very hard to advocate for myself over the years. It hasn’t been easy, I’ll tell you that. Thanks.


  5. Smith


    I was surfing the web and came across your rapid-cycling post. Did you ever find treatment/cure? I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with me and I think I have been living with ultradian cycling my entire life, which sucks ass.

    I’d like to talk more about it. Send me an email:

    fightingforcorporations (at) yahoo (dot) com



  6. Hi, Smith. Nice to meet you and welcome to my blog.

    Well, first of all, there is no “cure” for Bipolar Disorder. I’m not sure if there ever will be, as at this point, no existing research has yet to discover a cause. Or at least a direct one and even still, things are only theoretical there. Thus… No cause=No cure.

    So, for now? A chronic illness.

    My treatment/s are basically Anticonvulsants. That is the general route, or some people use the only “true” Mood Stabilizer that is Lithium. Sorry, semantics but I am picky that way.

    There are also the Atypical Antipsychotics, but they are usually not first line treatment. Neither are Antidepressants, however, both can be used for augmentation.

    I would be happy to speak with you more about Ultradian Cycling, but I prefer that my readers contact me with specifics regarding their own situations, and any questions that they may have. It just makes things simpler for me.

    Also, I usually do not edit my readers’ comments, but I am going to alter your email address, just in case you get Spammed. It is written in its full form and that is not such a good idea on the Internet.



  7. arifaery

    Hi there. It’s good that you’re taking such good notes of all this. I tend to suck when it comes to those things.

    I do agree with lili that if it gets any higher you should see a doctor. If they lock you in the psych ward, I’ll stage a rescue. Nevermind how I’ll get there. Just leave all the details to me. ;)


  8. Hey arifaery. Thanks. I am a compulsive note-taker, list-maker…all of that. I need to have so much order and planning. I wouldn’t be able to survive if I didn’t. However, for the medical stuff, it is also such an imperative because I’ve got so much going on!

    Well, I absolutely must see Non-Arsey Neuro! He has to know anyway! Although, if any higher than 102, perhaps the ER? *PA cringes at thought*

    You’re a sweetheart for a “rescue!” And planning it all with no help from me? Well, well! My Heroine! I’m almost tempted to throw myself in, just to see you come riding up a hill on a “White Horse!” *wink*


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