Do not “freak out” when researching something on the Internet!!!


Nonetheless, we’ve upped the ante on how emergent it is that I speak to Non-Arsey Neuro tomorrow.  Or possibly see him?

I read some information when I came home after my first tonic-clonic seizure, but I was too sick to look at it.  Therefore, I didn’t want to make mention of it on my blog until I could do so.  I made a note, and have checked it out today.  It all makes sense.  Or it certainly could? Although, there is a big “freak out,” regarding it all.  So, dig your heels in! *rolls eyes*

I’ll even give Arsey Neuro some credit here, as he always did question if something was going on with my limbic system.  Because you see, there are a lot of other bits of my brain that are near it, surround it, are a part of it, that make me do some habitual things–like my hypothalamus that makes me drool like a rabid dog when I seize a lot of the time.

And speaking of animals, I found a rat study where all of this business…well… *PA crosses eyes* Okay, to get the rats out of the way, remember these words about the rat study: “hypothalamus,” “Circadian Rhythm Temperatures,” “Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.”  You got that?

This may get a bit complicated but I’ll try to keep it simple–for everyone out there–and myself? *PA shakes head* It’s kind of messy, though.  It runs off into certain territories of the unknown and unanswerable, but I need to get it sorted for Non-Arsey Neuro.  Plus everything else that has happened.

NOTE: I am still also cognitively impaired, nauseous, having some problems with headaches and suffering extreme fatigue.  I no longer feel these are stress related.  In fact, in thinking and reading about all of this, I feel like throwing up right now. *wry grin* Okay, that may be stress related…

So.  What is looking like “sense?” My Circadian Rhythms are completely blown to hell.  My Circadian Rhythms, in part, are responsible for controlling my body temperatures.  Epilepsy and seizures can blow them all to hell!  What is happening, is that my body temperatures are bouncing all around, within the 24 hour period of my Circadian Rhythm.

I am experiencing an “Ultradian Rhythm.”  Ironically, this is how I have cycled with Bipolar in the past–within a 24 hour period.  However, this irony is not very funny right now.  This is rather serious, as it has been going on for a week and a half.  I have never experienced such a thing with my seizures.  I am so debilitated and sick, I can not leave my house, as I do not feel safe unless someone is with me–and preferably has a vehicle.

Now, what on earth could this mean? How can it be stopped? Well, I’m not quite sure.  Let’s link some things together.

Recall the rats? They were aiming to indicate that the hypothalamus (that also plays a role in temperature regulation), could be monkeyed with (monkeys…rats…)  The experiment showed changes with Circadian Rhythm Temperatures regarding seizures.  The seizure activity occurred within the limbic region (well, this was kind of a finer point–the hypothalamus is basically a part of it–also, they were trying to re-create Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in the rats.)  The only drag? Bummer? Don’t “freak out!!!”

Structural changes in the hypothalamus.  However…they were going for status epilepticus of MTLE (Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.)  That’s a prolonged seizure period.  A dangerous period.  A seriously “get-the-person’s-ass-to-the-hospital-period.”

Okay, if you’ve got that down, let’s continue.  Circadian Rhythms and my temperatures? Looking good.  Well, bad but it seems likely.  My hypothalamus? Always looks like it’s been a bugger.  Circadian Rhythms and MTLE? I can’t make a direct correlation but they both have one word in common: lesion!!!

Don’t “freak out!!!” *rolls eyes again* It’s alright, I’m not going off on a serious tangent, and thinking that I have some sort of “brain lesion,” or a “tumour.”  Although, it has been a long time since I have had a MRI Scan! I’ve only had one, as well.  And it was way before all of these things have happened.  The increase of my seizures, the changes in type, this tonic-clonic.

The Circadian Rhythm stuff doesn’t specifically identify any other parts of the brain that I can find, except for the rats’ hypothalamic areas.  MTLE? Different story.  As I have written about before, very common regarding brain damage in Epilepsy: hippocampal sclerosis.  It’s tough, though, as there is great debate as to just exactly how it happens! I see.

I also read some other very interesting things about MTLE, but I won’t bore you with statistics.  I think I’ve gone on long enough here.  This is of personal significance, however.  I seem to fit a bit of a pattern in terms of how it may develop throughout one’s life.  I see, again.

Still, “interesting” how this is all connected neurologically? Don’t “freak out!!!”

Though, on a very positive “don’t freak out” note: I also read that this, Circadian Rhythm Temperature craziness, that I am dealing with, may also be of a temporary nature.  But for how long? Get your darts out and start tossing them! It’s already been 11 days!

I guess that’s it, then? As above, I could tell you much, much more.  Regardless, of all this (and the more), it is enough to warrant the emergent call to Non-Arsey Neuro first thing tomorrow.  I have prepared my “script” for the Receptionist to hopefully get through to him, at least to talk.  If I can see him in person, Grocery Man will take me to his office as I don’t think I can make it alone.  Grocery Man had to take me out to run some simple errands today, no matter how much I wanted to do them by myself!

I was even thinking of going to the ER, but they won’t understand if I try to explain all of this.  Hell! They wouldn’t even see me in that one hospital after I had the seizure! I need Non-Arsey Neuro, and I need him fast! Not to “freak out,” but this is serious!

At least I think it is.


  1. lili

    You have incredible research skills but as you say: “don’t freak out”. Definitely talk to whoever you need to in order to figure this out. I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Hi lili. Thanks. Well, I do love my research. Yes, there is nothing worse than Cyberchondria. It’s absolutely terrible.

    Although, I found the proliferation of the Circadian Rhythm information astounding once I began. If not that? *shrugs*

    Regardless, I need help. This just isn’t right. As a matter of fact, I’m boiling (as in I can “feel” myself like if I am boiling hot), right at this very moment. And so…I am now going to go take my temperature…again.

    And update my Spreadsheet…again.


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