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…Non-Arsey Neuro didn’t call.  Or, he’s working really late and taking his time.

I’ve been waiting all day.  My anxiety has been skyrocketing as a result.  I think I’m going to pass out now.  Or puke.  Or both.  Well, puke first or I’ll die.


Well, try again tomorrow.  There’s nothing else for me to do.

Please, still be in the office working late…you’re probably not.  The Receptionist is long gone but…

EDIT: Left completely, zombified, stuttering, out-of-it, repetitive, really, bloody, awful, sounding message on Receptionist’s Voicemail.  Couldn’t hurt to serve as a reminder? OMG.


I woke up straight away and called Non-Arsey Neuro’s office this morning.  I just about had a major meltdown as I thought I lost his number.  And why it wasn’t listed anywhere online is beyond me.

Anyway, his Receptionist rocks too.  I could barely string together two non-coherent sentences when she just confirmed my phone number and said she’d have him call me.  I still continued to mumble on as I said: “Thank you very much!!!”

Well, she’s a Receptionist for a Neurologist.  I’m sure she’s quite used to mumbly patients.  Yes?

Okay, meds and some tea now? Oy, my head (and everything else.)  I’ve got to get things in order and maybe sound less mumbly? And my temp check? If anyone is interested? 97 degrees and feeling fine.  Again, it all makes sense as your body temps. drop when you sleep.  However, I also forgot to mention that I am sweating like crazy when I’m sleeping every night!

Also, just to, perhaps, really drive the point home? Last night when it was getting late, temps. dropping as they should, time for bed. Within app. 45 minutes, I went from extremely, boiling hot, and then I dropped 1.5 degrees and was completely freezing.

I could be wrong about this, but does that make sense to anybody else out there? And for this to be going on for 12 days now after a seizure? I know, I may be harping on and on about it all but I think I have a right to.  So, if you don’t like it, then nuts to you! *laughing* I’m just kidding.  I’m just so sick (and sick of this), I want to know what’s going on.  Plus, if I have a brain lesion or a tumour *rolls eyes* I shouldn’t joke.  That’s not funny.  A very close friend of my sister’s–well, the husband of the couple–died of a brain tumour.  However, I believe I read that all is not lost with hippocampal sclerosis.

Anyway, we’ll see what Non-Arsey Neuro has to say.  Maybe he can swing a really fast MRI because I can’t stay holed up in my flat to be placed on a waiting list.  Or, it may have to be that, plus “waiting” on my own to see if this just goes away.  Well, no point in guessing until the phone rings…