No doubt, you are all getting sick of this Neurological Bullshit.  Well, I know I sure am! Who is getting more sick of it? You readers, or moi? We could arm wrestle it out to decide, but I’m too tired.  You would all win by default.

So, what should I stream? Good god, beyond how tired I am I can not think! I have a lot of songs to choose from.  This post may sit here until tomorrow while I drift in and out, of far and distant post-“ick”tal© lands…

Until I can even open up iTunes.

Nonetheless! MP3 of the Moment Shall Live On!

At least until I die…


Sorry, are death jokes appropriate? I’m not really sure right now.  I’m not so sure of much right now.  Okay.  A song.  Okay.

Should I make it thematic? Should I be silly or serious? Should I pick a genre? Oh, my head is starting to hurt more than it already is!

Not to mention, my nausea.  Not only because of the damn tonic-clonic, but I have streamed “Mercyfuck” by Mary Prankster so many times, it must be wiped away! Gah! I am sick of streaming that song!

But you all know I will again.

I know, I know.  I said I’d shut up about all of this “head stuff,” but I’m going to take some Gravol/Dimenhydrinate right now for the damn nausea.  Scrolling through my iTunes library is doing things you could not imagine.  Apologies, I shall speak no more of my head! Or my stomach.  Or any other part of my body.  Or, erm…yes, quite.

DING! I think we have a winner! I was pondering this one a while ago.  I’ve done the single from Dirty Vegas that “spawned” their first album.  That was “Days Go By.”  It, and subsequently they, came out of nowhere.  “Days Go By” was such a massive hit, so many Record Companies were after them to come up with a full length record.  And that, they did.

So, here is “I Should Know” by Dirty Vegas–from that album.  PA likey.


  1. lili

    Excellent on the music sampling. It’s the best diversion ever.


  2. Thanks, lili. I’m glad you liked the tune. Yes, it had to be done. MP3oftM was getting extremely stale.


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