Extremely Tired, Yet Extremely Impressed!

It would appear that Tsarina Seizurella© may have some pull with Non-Arsey Neuro.  Or, perhaps the fact that she is still sick for nearly, three, bloody weeks after a tonic-clonic seizure! Maybe both?

The Empress of ADD© also had to wake up early this morning.  She had to call Merlin #2.  She’s been so out of it, she hasn’t been keeping track of her meds and is running out of several things.  Most importantly (wait, they’re all important!) the Seroquel/Quetiapine and the Concerta/Extended Release Methylphenidate.  Of course, with the latter, no refills and no call-ins to the pharmacy because she is going to start peddling her Amphetamines on the street corner, don’t you know!

Over her dead body! They’re too valuable to her to try and maintain some shred of sanity.

So, back to Non-Arsey Neuro.  Oh! Tsarina Seizurella© is now being treated by her Neurologist, in a manner that is worthy of her title? His receptionist didn’t even wait a single minute before Tsarina Seizurella© could explain a thing! She just said she’d transfer her to him! His line was busy and she was asked if she would mind waiting.  Absolutely not!

Then, when she got through, Tsarina Seizurella© barely managed to utter a few words.  She’s very tired as per the title of this post, and sleep was rough for her.  Up too late and difficulty falling asleep due the stress of so many (unpleasant) things to do.

Some of those words that barely escaped her mouth, however: Circadian Rhythms, hypothalamus, hormones, possible arrhythmia, MTLE (Medial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy), New MRI.  I think that’s it when Non-Arsey Neuro cut Tsarina Seizurella© off.  He then asked: “Why don’t you come in around 1600hrs?”

Tsarina Seizurella© just about dropped the phone, regardless of how tired she was.  Oh, my! Yes, some royal treatment going on here? However, as tempted as she was to just roll back over and go to sleep (a doubtful accomplishment anyway, when awake; then awake?) Tsarina Seizurella© has decided to stay up.  She needs to get all of this business together in a decipherable form.  All of the research, her own notes and files.  Everything has just been piling up over time.  She still feels like crap so it’s going to take forever, anyway.  Her brain is moving like a snail on Quaaludes…again.

  1. lili

    Oh for some lovely quualudes :) HA! Tsarina Seizurella I like it. I bow oh Empress of ADD. I’m glad the doc is moving quickly. Now you can get some answers and solid help so the wonkiness will go away.


  2. Hi lili, thanks. I have created several aliases for each dx. that I have, and one more for, well…just a pain in the butt for them to all fight with. *laughing* They have all popped up in various places on my blog (since I have created them.)

    Then of course, plain as day here, we have Dr. PA and Spock.

    OMG. I think I am going to die. I am so wiped and I am trying to get all of my documentation together. Then, when I get there I have to actually speak. *rolls eyes* And yes, I have had tea! Are you kidding me?

    The clock is ticking…one more hour until I have to leave.

    *PA scurries back to review documentation, as many times over as possible, until Grocery Man arrives*


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