Oh! Oh! Oh! Bedridden Laughter! Weregeek!

I owe a massive thank you to a fellow Twitter pal, who sent me a link to an online comic site.  There’s more to look at, but I have just started reading from this url. It’s the Index Page, and when you look at the first section, it’s not the beginning.  So if you do read, don’t start there.

Again, more available, but I haven’t had a chance to look as I’ve just started “Weregeek.”

This is the part that just threw me into stitches right now, being a huge Anime and Manga fan.

OMG. *PA laughing so hard*


  1. lili

    LOL it’s wonderful that you’ve found another good outlet for laughter.


  2. Thanks lili. Apart from it just being great on its own, it’s been an excellent distraction while I’ve been sick.

    However, because it’s so great, I’ve already sent it out to three folks. I’m spreadin’ the “Geek, Online, Comic Love!”

    Also appreciated is reciprocity! If anyone else out there has suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!

    Sorry, this is kind of a comment back to you lili, and the entire Internet world! *laughing*


  3. Just stumbled across your blog and commented on one of your first entries… wanted to say hi to a fellow patient and let you know I’ll be following


  4. Hi Catherine. Good to see you again. I just caught you on the “older” post. Hi, “again” and thank you “again” for following me. *does happy dance*


    Sorry, feeling a bit goofy. Which isn’t so abnormal. Which you will soon find out of you are going to follow me!


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