Aspie Social Garbage Party

Attending social gatherings can be one of the most painful and insidious things, for someone with Asperger’s (or anyone, anywhere else on the Spectrum), to deal with.  I need to do this tomorrow.  I have known about it for a while, and am so, disgustingly anxious.  The anxiety is growing, as the time is passing.  It would have definitely been worse, had it been sprung on me with less notice, but even still! I will probably need some Valium? *PA nods*

What is this “Garbage Party?” Well, it’s a load of “garbage” on several fronts! I live in a house that has been converted into three flats.  I have no clue how long our idiot landlords (“garbage landlords”), have owned it.  Thus, no knowledge of how many tenants have come and gone.

We have a shed in the backyard for storing things.  Tomorrow, it has been decided that we will clean out all of the “garbage,” that has remained for who knows how long.  We three that are currently existing here, have no bloody clue what prior, tenant, flotsam and jetsam has accumulated over the past.  And there is a lot of it!

What is also deemed as “garbage” to me, is that I only have a few things inside the shed.  My bike, its pump and some other miscellaneous items.  After I remove them, I feel that my job is therefore done.  Everyone else can still remain to go through the rest! Unless, what? We decide to have our own little “Garbage Yard Sale?” Or “Garbage Auction?” Gah.  I don’t think anyone even cares, as it’s all “garbage!”

I had already suggested this to my landlord earlier.  Let me just remove my things, and I’d be done with it all.  Especially since my bike would have to be removed first, anyway.  It’s the largest item in the shed.  Afterward, just continue to grab the rest that’s left.  It went completely over his head.  It wasn’t even acknowledged.  Perhaps he thought what I said was “garbage?” I doubt it.  He doesn’t seem to think at all, you see.

Oh, wait.  In all fairness, I suppose I will need to pitch in and assist with the “garbage disposal.”  I never picked up on that one.  I think that’s a load of “garbage,” too! The biggest, in fact! It should be the “garbage landlord’s” responsibility, in terms of upkeep of the property.  However, they make us, we lucky tenants do that instead of them.

What a load of “garbage.” *PA shakes head*


  1. lili

    Definitely keep the valium handy. I can think of nothing less appetizing than pawing over someone elses old stuff. Ugh.Hang in there.


  2. Hi lili. Well, I’m done now. What a load of “garbage!” *rolls eyes* You were right, as well. It was not very appetizing at all!

    Actually, I didn’t need the Valium but now I need my duvet! I’m bloody freezing! It’s cold outside! Fall has “fallen!”

    I set my alarm to make sure I woke up on time. Then the regular routine, meds, tea etc… They were a little late (of course), but I needed my caffeine to get my butt moving, anyway.

    As above, I only had a few things but interestingly, I found some stuff that I had forgotten I even owned! *laughing* It’s so strange when people help you move, and they end up just tossing your things “wherever” while you’re not paying attention!

    What did I find that I was so dopey I didn’t realize I owned? An easel, even though I can not paint. I bought it, and bunch of supplies, because I thought I would be an absolutely, brilliant artist! I just knew it! This was after I ended one of my hospital stays and was still a bit (hypo)manic! *laughing* An air mattress (although shoved in some awesome, Rubbermaid, storage boxes–definite keepers!) I think that’s it?

    Oh! I found one of my favourite ball caps! I couldn’t figure out how it disappeared! It’s a Ralph Lauren, Polo one. Well, after some things got shovelled out, there it was lying on the ground! I guess it must have fallen off my head when I took my bike out for a ride, and was busy getting all suited up in my cycling gear. Then, when I came home, I forgot I went outside wearing a ball cap! *laughing again* Oh, dumb PA!

    But what a pain in the arse! There really was so much “garbage” in there. Also, the basement tenant didn’t show up. *shakes head* I did help out beyond dealing with my own things. Still, there is so much left just “sitting” in the backyard!

    I moved all of my things into my flat for storage until the entire mess can get sorted! I can only hope that I didn’t bring a bunch of awful creepy-crawlies in with the lot. I just didn’t want to have to keep dragging everything in and out, and in and out…

    The biggest obstacle is my bike. My hallway is rather tight so I’m going to have to be very careful. I can actually visualize the forthcoming injuries now. No, seriously. I can see it getting really ugly already. I already injure myself enough as it is! Klutzy von Klutzy, PA!

    Ah! I scored a Steno Chair, too! W00t! One thing that wasn’t “garbage?” It seemed to go unclaimed, and also seems to be in fine condition? This is a very good thing, as my flat is so small! But even beyond that, I only owned one chair when I moved in! *PA laughing even harder now*


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