In Case I’m Gone For a Bit

My bike is now in my very, thin hallway.  Due to that fact, there is an extremely, high per centage rate that the EMS folks are soon to become my new best friends.  Even though I’m quite tiny, and there are a lot of Firefighters and Paramedics out there, I’m sure enough space can be made for all of them to sign my full body cast when it gets to that point.

Hey, good friends are hard to find! You have to “make room” for them no matter what! *much eye rolling and laughter ensues*

PA in hospital bed surrounded by new best friends: “OW! Don’t make me laugh so much! That HURTS!’


  1. lili

    LOL tread carefully missy. My trip to give you scrubs isn’t supposed to happen until near Christmas :)


  2. Hi lili *laughing* Well, hopefully all of the rest of the crap will be gone soon enough. Then I can put all of my things back inside.

    My landlords are such idiots, I swear. They put a tarp over everything that is all the totally, useless…whatever you want to call it, at this point! There was this huge storm last night and I went outside. The tarp had blown off. BWAH-HA-HA-HA!!!

    They’re so redonculous, they didn’t even secure it! I guess they’ve never been camping? Now, that would be a sight to behold! Them sleeping like babies in their tent, then along comes a violent storm, blowing it away like Dorothy in Kansas!

    I haven’t gone for tea yet, so I don’t know if it totally blew away or what? Maybe it’s down in Kansas. *rolls eyes and laughs some more*

    I think, in part, they’re waiting to see if anything belongs to the downstairs tenant. However…

    The upstairs tenant denies that any of it does. She used to like him but now she doesn’t. She told me he had some kind of head injury many years back, and now he’s got some form of permanent brain damage. I seem to get along fine with both of them, though!

    *shakes head* Where the hell am I living? And we only have three units! That’s why I have never wanted to live in a high rise! Scary…

    Maybe I’m in fucking Kansas, following yellow bricks, only to find there’s some evil plotster behind everything that has culminated in my life!

    Hang on a minute…

    Never mind.

    Ah, and my scrubs. Yes, I will try to be careful on all fronts (not just with my bike), until Christmas! *wink*


  3. journey2balance

    Love your style! Be well there…


  4. Hi again, journey2balance. Thanks. I had a bit of fun with this post, even if it was brief. I try to incorporate some humour, or perhaps even something of interest, in between me whining so much. *rolls eyes*


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