I Know It’s Been a While But Ouch…No…

My “regular” readers or followers etc… know that I was laid off from my job a year and a half ago.  Since then, beyond merely trying to gain employment etc…  Unimaginable things have happened.

Well, let’s chalk another one up on the board.  Fuck me.  A friend that I have known since 1997 (who knew all about my job loss–I contacted him immediately), fell off the radar.  Others did too.  I have been thinking of him.

Other, perhaps very long time readers, would know him as Mac Guru.

I checked my personal email account, and was astounded to see that we hadn’t emailed in a year! Well, surely contact was in order!

Now, how do you condense a year’s worth of information into one email? I tried to limit it to only certain things.  What I thought should be the most pertinent details? It took me a fair while to compose this email.  Then, I thought, I should move on to other people.  Yes, start with my Dear Mac Guru.  He was always the closest friend.

As I sent and exited…thought about who should be next…can you see it coming…



Where did you go! You don’t live that far away from me! Every time you come to where I live you always call me and we meet for lunch, dinner, go shopping…

It’s been a year…!…

*PA crying*


I still have his phone numbers.  I hope they haven’t changed too…


  1. lili

    I’m sure everything will be okay. Life has been hectic for everyone lately.


  2. Thanks, lili.


  3. Now this, is just too much. I won’t devote an entire post to it. There’s not much point, really. I just got a bounce from an email I sent to a fellow blogger! *shakes head*

    The blogger is still “alive,” so I’m quite sure I can rectify this situation. Also, this was a more standard type of “error,” as opposed to the above, where it was a “piss off, the person ain’t here!” type of “error.”

    Is the universe trying to tell me that no one wants to talk to me? *rolls eyes*


  4. raginggenius

    Sometimes people are in our lives for only a season and that’s ok, and I doubt that it would reflect in anyway how good of a friend you are.


  5. Hi raginggenius. Thanks. In the meantime, I did manage to dig up an old/other email address, so I can try that and any phone numbers, as well?


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