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I’m going for the Gold! *laughing*

I swear, it is so freakin’ cold in my flat, I look completely redonculous.  Not to mention that this has nothing to due with the cold, but why did I wake up so damn early? I did go to bed a bit later than I would have liked.  Maybe the cold did wake me up? Eek!

Now, it’s not that I mind layers, but I am actually wearing my fingerless cycling gloves! BWAH-HA-HA!!! I’m not kidding you! My hands are like ice! I want to go out for tea, but I’m afraid! And it’s not even winter here yet! It is just on the cusp of fall! I’m going to have to haul out my long underwear now.  Wee PA, the Human Ice Cube, is back already it seems!

So, I’m all decked out, working on baby MacBook like some kind of, well, yes.  Olympiad, Super Sportster, Ultra Racing, Computer Wizard!

I’m not though.  It feels kind of funny.  Actually, I think I’m kind of getting the hang of it.  If you don’t cycle, the gloves are kind of “puffy.”  So, now my hands are, too.  When I started, I was missing keys, so mega typos, and then hitting the keys with fingers that I wouldn’t normally use during proper typing, “protocol”…more typos.  I’m not a two-finger “type.”  I use all of my fingers.  Thank $DEITY mousing is easy!

Oh, could you imagine if I had put on my full fingered gloves? *PA laughing so hard at the thought* Anything I typed would have been completely indecipherable! It would have looked like this as a sample: herosnre is eha t d  a mad  trysondgn  to wity bn too syous.

What I tried to do up there was: “Here is what I am trying to type to you.”

Too bad, those gloves are really cool.  Oh, well.  I’ll stick to my fingerless Louis Garneau’s.  They’re cool enough, as well. Speaking of “cool enough,” I should make my tea! This post was entirely written without it, and I have no clue whether it is funny or not.  Beyond funny, even remotely entertaining?

Although, I just had another thought.  Very Egalitarian, Utilitarian…?  “Uber Cool, Computer Racer PA” can also wear her Olympic Gloves outside, as well.   She will then become “Groovy Cat, Tea Drinker, PA!”  Wow, if it’s cold, even a bit, she doesn’t want to put on her anorak this early!!!