I Don’t Know If This Writing Stuff Will Work

Like any other writers, do you ever have a fucking clue where anything is going or if it’s gonna work? *literally laughing* Good pun there, PA! No, I am literally laughing at what I am writing.  Well, I did write it earlier and am also doing some editing-on-the-fly which really isn’t me, but if it’s already been written?

I don’t talk about my writing on my blog.  At least my *cough cough* “serious” writing.  And this is something (supposedly) serious.  Or at least long.  Big.  Lots of words and characters and stuff? I know, how erudite am I sounding now!

Someone I know from a while back was having a look at my recent posts and said I was a talented writer.  Eep! *PA crosses eyes*

Now, in no way whatsoever do I consider my blog “creative!” I think it’s primarily me whining and bitching about my life, and then I try to toss in a bunch of crap, betwixt and between, so people won’t hate me!

Surprisingly, my Stats are still where they normally are but who on earth knows why? No one is commenting or talking, really.  But that’s fine.  I am neither upset, nor offended.  I thank you all for reading me.  You needn’t say anything if you don’t want to.  It means everything to me that you are here.  Really.  It does and I’m not kidding about that.  It it weren’t for you, there would be no PA!

So, I’m taking a bit of a break now and thinking.  Or trying to.  Or maybe it doesn’t even matter.  Yes! Write! Just, write! *laughing more*

But I’ve got a real mix going on, and in thinking forward, it’s like: OMG! I NEED A REALLY GOOD EDITOR!!!



*twitch* *twitch*

Oh, well.  Even if this just turns out to be endless trails of bogroll, it may amuse some folks, some day.


  1. lili

    Lol brains aren’t needed for writing. Ask MY editor. I never have a clue if things are going to come together properly so it’s fun to see what the story brings. You’re doing fine.


  2. Writers write it is what they do.
    Try not to edit as you go, in my experience you’ll probably think it is crap or clumsy or whatever and redo it rather than writing more. After it is written hide it away for a couple of weeks, copy-edit it, hide it away again and then do the proper editing.
    I’d love to read some of your creative stuff


  3. Hi lili. *laughing* You are too much. Thanks for your encouragement. Again, this is something I attempted to do years ago (i.e. a large scale project), and it just ended up intimidating me. Not to mention, I was crazy as a loon back then (well more crazy as a loon than I am now), because I wasn’t suitably diagnosed or treated.

    So…if I think things are messy now, going back to look at anything I did then is probably just going to be disastrous! *laughing again* However, thanks to both of you for the reminder here by commenting. I just went and grabbed a huge file from when I co-led a community writing group. I have copies of my work plus the members’ work from back then, and who knows what else!

    Hi bipolarcoagulant. First (and perhaps second and third…) welcome to my blog. Thank you so much as well for blogrolling me. I am extremely flattered and that means a lot to me. I have Bookmarked you for now as well, so I can keep track of you!

    Yes, as above, I normally do not edit as I write, but what I had written down was kind of a bunch of chicken scratch. So, really, I was more sort of fleshing things out. I was merely inputting some concepts; I was giving them a bit more weight. If I don’t like that, what I initially added, I could change it later. Plus, I still have what I initially scrawled out by hand for reference?

    That’s a good idea too, just tuck it away. That may or may not be an issue. It’s tough as it’s still a work in progress and when things just sort of “come to mind,” I want to get them down ASAP. Yes, always carry a notebook to scribble things down quickly, but if it’s very strong, in terms of imagery or something, you may not have a chance to capture it all. I’m not sure if I’m making any sense here!

    Thank you about reading any creative work. I am so terrible about that! Very few people in my life have ever seen anything. I can count on one hand! I am extremely protective of it. Not just from some sort of paranoid, copyright infringement issue. *rolls eyes* No, I just feel embarrassed and silly.

    I also feel very vulnerable. I need to trust the other person.

    I wrote a post some time ago about a book (and only two others) that made me cry in my life. This one was called “The Lives of The Muses…” I had mentioned that I definitely had “Muses” as well and had always fallen totally in love with these women who inspired me. So, some of those women may have seen my writing.

    But thank you, again. I did place something up here once and then realized I had sent it in as a Submission. Then I thought: ‘Shit! I’d better take that off my blog!’

    Take care,


  4. findingmecrazy

    I’m still reading even though I’m not commenting, just to let you know! Hope you’re good, and you are a talented writer! x


  5. Hey findingmecrazy, thanks sweetie. You know I am always joking about Stats and all of that Ballyhoo!

    Thank you as well for saying I am a talented writer. *wink*

    I’m hanging in…you know… Pretty much the same crap but am actually getting motivated to work on a “Large Project” as far as my blog is concerned.

    I don’t know if you recall everyone practically screaming at me to get the damn photos I shot posted, while I was at the Wild Animal Sanctuary (which also had an even greater meaning than the majority of the animals being all “hands on” and “touchy feely!”)

    Well, I have now organized all of the suitable (I think?) pics for both 2008 and 2009. I need to try and do some work on a few to protect my wee anonymity…then I am going to finally throw them up as Pages! TA DA!

    They will be VERY large Pages, though. LOTS of photos! Plus my commentary?

    I know. Almost a year and a half. I don’t know if anyone even remembers, but here is something to perhaps bring it back to everyone if they read this comment. I know everyone was pretty excited when I first wrote about it. Hell! I was freaking out when I went there and wrote about it. It was just amazing!

    Also…I hope you are alright as well? Okay? Something? Something better than bad???



  6. You can be a good writer without needing to be “creative” yknow? It’s all about how you express yourself, and how you get your message across – even if you’re not sure what that message is, there’s always the “meaning” of your writing. See, I’m a bad writer because that stopped making sense!


  7. Hi Shiv. Thanks for coming by. Don’t be silly! Everything you said (or wrote?) made sense to me!

    What I “extrapolated,” (fancy word there!) was that, whatever you write is, or can be, more about “perception.” And thus, that breeds its own “meaning” or notion of “creativity?”

    Whoa. Now, that’s a messy piece of writing! And you said you were a bad writer who wasn’t making sense!

    I won’t get all McLuhan, here but there is something in the translation. If your words are going to be read by someone, there is some kind or resonance going on. Who knows what that may be. It will be different for each person.

    That said, “creativity” may only be within the mind of the “creator,” themselves. Yes?


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