Patience? That is for those of you who have been with me since at least the summer of 2008.  You may recall that I had the privilege of visiting a Wild Animal Rescue/Sanctuary.  I shot about 5,000 pictures (slight exaggeration.)

This was (is) a very, very, special place.  Not only had the animals been rescued (sometimes from abusive and dangerous environments, owners etc…), the majority were domesticated so you could get up close, touch and feel them, sometimes even hold them.  Oh, yes! Some of the animals were rather exotic, too! I’m not even sure if I can recall the names of some in the pictures that I’ve taken!

However, beyond that, the place was even better.  It is not open to the public and is a Registered Charity.  The woman who runs it grew up with some Learning Disabilities, and quite unfortunately, was treated like crap when going through school.  She then entered the Education System to work for a while, and later left to build this place–that is also her home, if you can believe that! All the crazy, creatures everywhere!

This “place?” It’s use is for therapy.  For kids on the Autistic Spectrum or that have other Disorders or require special assistance in some way.  Although, the primary population served, seems to be Spectrum folks.  Can it get any better than that? Helping the animals, helping with therapy?

People were virtually screaming at me to post the damn photos when I wrote about going there! Well, I’m almost ready! I’ve selected what should be good for both years 2008 and 2009 (yes, I went back up last summer.)  I need to do some editing (to keep myself a bit anonymous?)

Also, they will be made and posted as Pages on my Blog.  They will need to be permanent fixtures.  They will also be HUGE. There are a lot of pics, and I will be making at least some comments about them!

So hang on just a bit more if either you remember this, or if you are new and want to see! I’m getting there.  This has been a huge task for Ms. Procrastination of the First Order!


  1. lili

    That sounds wonderful. Lol you’re working on it and that’s the most important thing. (Says Liliqueenofprocrastination to PAEmpressofprocrastination).


  2. Hi lili. Thanks. Yes, finally getting around to it! And it was wonderful.

    I should come up with another “Alias” under copyright for my procrastination side, perhaps? So far, I’ve only done them for my dx’s, lest one for a cantankerous, old broad that ticks all of those ones off! *laughing*


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