I love it when a) I can do a series but even better

b) I can kick it with a race with free wifi and my Server Boy!

However, I couldn’t write the post that I tried to write before because

a) I lost my free wifi before I could send it and

b) I’m sick.

I could make a separate post but this is so screwed.  This all about MP3otM.  It’s not about me being sick.

I’m sorry for mentioning “sick.”  That may raise questions.  Or it may not.  Music vs. Sick.  Who Cares?

Well, if it does: Aspie, Epilepsy (minor, nothing really), Migraine, General Freakiness? I guess you could put that under PTSD.

And…well, “Exhaustion” isn’t really a diagnosis, is it? Although Insomnia is and my meds do work.  Looking at the clock and with my Migraine…that’s going to be a tough one.  Fuck.  I can’t quite time the beat in my head but…

Apologies…I can’t shut up.  This was supposed to be about music.

Therefore, the songs are:

“Late Bar”


“Secret Oktober”

The last one is the best song that they have EVER recorded in my opinion.  No, it’s really good.


  1. lili

    Excellent music choices. Get some rest.I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Hi lili. Thanks. A stroll down memory lane as I was a big “Durannie.” Yes…rest.


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