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While I still have the photophobia under control from this Worst Migraine Ever, I might as well amuse myself bore everyone with a Post.  I really have been wanting to write about more than the mundane, I really have.  It’s just that my brain keeps setting up these, sort of, “road blocks.”  Big Ones.  They make the Hoover Dam (sans power generation obviously) look like an ant under a microscope.  The Grand Coulee? Alright, it would look like a caterpillar, not an ant!

So, I am to go for my MRI since my brain (and body as a result), went completely spastic for a month after having a tonic-clonic seizure.  Being post-“ick”tal© for a month does not make a whole lot of sense in my world.  However, the vast majority of my world itself, makes no sense period.

I received the call and oh, dear.  Now, I know we can not be all “fussy” about our scheduled appts. for tests.  There are long waiting lists, things are in high demand, all of that but…  My MRI is at 0830hrs!!!

That may not sound so objectionable to some of you.  You may have cars.  I don’t.  And even if I did, the MRI is for my Epilepsy and seizures! My license has been suspended for medical reasons! *rolls eyes*

So, I am going to have to get up very early, I will be as dopey as all hell, need to travel at least an hour to get to the hospital.  However, better make it an hour and a half.  Plan for traffic problems.   The distance may be further than I have estimated.  I have never been to this hospital before, so I am quite sure I will get lost trying to find their Imaging Dept.

Then, having managed to accomplish all of that, I will have the immense pleasure of hearing all of the crashy-crashy-bangy-bangy of the damn machine! This will last for at least 30-45 minutes.  They give you ear plugs but they don’t really help!

Maybe because I’ll be so out of it, it will aid me in keeping still.  They wrap you up fairly well, but it’s a pain in the arse to try and keep yourself immobilized for that long! If you’ve never had a head MRI (or any MRI at all), just think about it.  Not moving for such a period? And it’s your damn head! Even if you move another body part, just a wee bit, it is so tempting to move your head! And don’t even dare move any other part of your body more than a “wee bit!” Then it’s game over! Your head will just automatically move after that!

Ah, well.  It’s got to be done.  I’ll just do what I did before.  Try and let my mind just drift off…think about lovely things…whatever they may be… *laughing*