Get Ready For Another 48 Hour Roller Coaster! Let’s Kick it Off With A MP3!

I called J. in tears earlier, not knowing if I could make it out to his place for dinner tonight.  I was losing it, as I was so depressed.  We talked about downward spirals, and how one trigger then begets another, with me having Bipolar.  Well, guess what? I caught some!

And, I’ve now caught my cycling! My music changes on my iPod went just like that *PA snaps fingers* on the way over to his place.  Via my commute, I went from soothing Classical, to insane, loud…ROAR!

My Ultradian Cycles usually run me 48 hours, but considering the beginning, downward slide started last night? Well, we’ll see?

Someone dedicated a song to me by Our Lady Peace, via Twitter the other night, so I’m going to go along with them here.

“Superman’s Dead” by Our Lady Peace.


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