I can barely string enough words together to be coherent (well, maybe…slowly…and my typing sure is slow!) I guess that’s what happens when half of your brain is still lying all around one of your best friend’s apartment after your worst meltdown ever.

I wasn’t going to post anything but some Valium has given me energy to do so.  Odd, don’t you think? Valium providing you energy? Perhaps ROCHE got it wrong? Nah, I think my brain’s got it wrong! I also said I was going to stay off baby MacBook because of my damn photophobia, but J. and I were just killing ourselves about how dorky I am being and looking right now…well, I just HAD to write a Post!!!

So, since I’m still at J.’s, I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got, to be as spastic as possible until I am well enough to go home.  I’m wearing my baseball cap on backwards, but what I really need is this.  He gave it to me last year:

PAs Mentally Deranged Hat

PAs Mentally Deranged Hat

I wear it basically as shown, flaps down so you can’t really see my face and with the strings undone, free to blow in the wind.  I think the latter adds a particular flair.  A nice touch.

And speaking of touch.  I wrote a post not long ago about being so cold in my flat, that I was actually typing with my fingerless, cycling gloves.  Well, of course I don’t have them here either so I have now put on J.’s.  Ahhh…that feels better. *sighs*

Just so you can see the lovely effect of this fashion statement as well, here is a shot I took of me “in action” wearing my cycling gloves:

Fashionable Yet Functional

Fashionable Yet Functional! Don't You Agree?

Note the composition, if you will, including the full view of my Medic-Alert Bracelet.  Well done, PA! Well done, camera on baby MacBook!

So, again.  I’m just trying to be my redonculous self as best I can, while I’m still here until I’m well enough to go home.  It shouldn’t be too hard, actually.  J.’s a big geek too.  I mean, I’ve had “Weird-Expression” or “Flat-No-Expression” Aspie Face for the last two days now and he hasn’t even blinked.  He doesn’t give a shit what I do.  Well, in a good way…


  1. hehehe awesome. nice work :)


  2. lili

    Way to go miss~


  3. Hi Catatonic Kid. Thanks, love. Glad you enjoyed. I’m finding the gloves are rather functional, really. Multi-purpose for both cycling and RSI!


    Hi lili. Thanks to you too. I’m trying to get my brain going at least a little bit!

    Oh, and to both of you (and other folks reading), I forgot another part to add to this Post after I wrote it. I’m having some “Object Attachment” issues regarding something else that I am using while I am here.

    I am using a “Sippy Cup.” *laughing* It’s really a little travel cup with a lid, but the first time when I was here with the tonic-clonic, J. gave it to me and said I could have a “Sippy Cup.”

    Now, I don’t want to give it up!!! I want my “Sippy Cup” every time I am here!!!

    Even worse, I want to take my “Sippy Cup” home with me!!!

    *PA makes firm and defiant face*


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